Just Be.

This year, I’d like to remind myself to Just Be,
No matter the situation  I am in,
Or the people I am with,
When the time needs, I shall Just Be
Unabashedly myself, Just Be.
When the times get tough,
And the circumstances tougher,
I won’t put a mask of the toughest
But let the tides take me down for a while,
Rest there, take my time and Just Be.
When the whirlwind of emotions takes over me
I shall embrace them all, befriend them
accept them as a part of me and Just Be.
This year, I will fight one breath at a time,
I will grow, one step at a time,
and live life, one day at a time.
And I will remind myself each moment
Not to lose but hold and help myself
and Just Be, as raw as I can be, I shall Just Be.


This is too late for “New Year Resolutions” and I am not really a resolution kind of person but this time I have few small milestones to cross, I shall try my best to hop over them gracefully, God willingly. 🙂

P.S: I know this is too raw but hey I just told myself I will be raw 😉



Teachers; mentors,guides,role models, inspirations, institution of zindagi and zindagi ke usool.

Teachers play an important role in building our lives. They paint our lives, we are their fresh canvases. They mould us into “Human beings”. Yet this is the most underrated profession.
First teachers,  of course after parents, are our school teachers. Hence they stand at a higher pedestal than every other teacher of our academic life. 
These are the teachers who have  always been on our minds, consciously or subconsciously. Be it for scoring us badly on a test, to punishing us, to red marks on our note books or more importantly, for a star on the first day of our school or to a chocolate as a treat after your first test. They are always there.
There are teachers who LOVE the profession and there are some so-so teachers. Lets not dwell on the latter category 😛
These teachers not only teach the subject but they instill, the love & acceptance  for the subject in lil brains and core values of life in tiny hearts.

Repeating their dialogues or one liners or imitating them in free hours, or proudly re-narrating their tales or venting or ranting about the project that they forced us to do, they have always occupied  (and still do) a major part of our cerebral cortex.

There are few teachers that have inspired us and have left their imprints behind in our lives. No matter what struggles or hardships they endured on a personal level, they never ever let it affect their teaching or us, their “kids”, in any way. They nailed the teaching bit perfectly. 🙂

9th grade, Math Teacher:
He’s the epitome of what our teachers should be. I’d never disliked the subject but in 9th grade, I was intimidated by it.
But this Sir of ours knew very well how to make his students love the subject. He made his classes interesting by making literature references relevant to the problems we had to solve. He radiated energy vibes as soon as he entered the classroom. Only handful in the world can teach math and make their students laugh at the same time (bye bye frowns and scowls), We are blessed to have been taught by one of them.

He was the first one, who forced us to set the bar for a teacher. (they are either teachers or no teachers, no bad teachers at all). Even today we like/dislike a teacher on how close they come up to the mark that’s been set by him.
He, along with pythagoras theorem, taught us real life lessons. In his classes our discussions varied from algebra to his interests, from literature to our opinions on his witty remarks. 
If our school was Hogwarts, he’d be Dumbledore. 🙂


10th Grade, Social Studies Teacher:
She was also our class teacher. She  was fun and made monotonous subject exciting. Daily, she lectured us for first 30 minutes of the class on punctuality and in the last minutes scolded us for wasting “precious” time and for not realising how vast the syllabus is.
To make history interesting, she demonstrated the indemonstrable history chapters. WHO ELSE CAN DO THAT?
She taught us some amazing, witty one liners and phrases and scolded us in a way that resulted,always, in a round of giggle fits. And she never objected to our crazy fits coz she was cool like that *Cool glasses wala emoticon for her*

She was one of those teachers who are well aware of her students and their antics. We always wondered how cool it would be  to have her as our Principal.
Alongside, subject lectures she gave us lessons on the importance of being Independent and Bold women.

12th Grade, Physics Teacher:
I hated  and still do hate the subject. But Mr. T made the subject bearable. He was so passionate about his subject that he’d find “beauty/work of physics” in every frigging aspect of life. And also forced us to look for that beauty but we failed coz “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and we didnt have those eyes that found physics, a beauty. More than a duty, teaching physics for him was an enjoyment. I’m sure our dumb expressions, day in and day out, tired him but he never made us feel like he was fed up of our stupidity.
His subtle sarcastic remarks and physics’ jokes, voiced in his trademark monotonous tone was what we looked forward to. Adding to it was his gentle, bright smile. And with the same smile on his face he shared the wisdom of life (which eventually led to beauty of physics 😛 ). 

For everyone else, he was the strict physics teacher but for his students he had a complete different personality. He even argued with the Principal regarding the “injustice” his students had to face. LOL!

He was always there to clear every stupid doubt we had in the subject.
If it werent for the confidence and belief he instilled in me, I dont think I would have even passed my Physics board exam. He made me realize “Everything is IN THERE, you need to stay calm and recall it. What you study is never lost, it’s always in there”. 🙂
Physics, even today, gives me goosebumps and nightmares but reminiscing about his classes never fails to make me smile. 🙂

12th Grade, Chemistry Sir:
Passionate is an understatement to describe his love for the subject and profession. His life revolved around his students. No matter what hour of the day/night it was, he was always there to clear out our doubts. I am yet to find a teacher like and I doubt if I ever will.

His motto was “Betey kuch haasil karne ke liye uske pichey pagal hojana padta. So much that every one else should think you are mental” and he was the perfect living example for it. Betey was his takya-kalam 😀
Our incapability to understand the science of reactions enraged him but all he used to say was “Betey bachiyaan hai bolke kuch nahi boltoun, bachey rehte toh dhanadhan detoun that” Haha! One of the perks of having XXs 😛

Besides chemical reactions, he prepared us for college life by narrating us stories from his college days.He opened the door to the world of  “conspiracy theories” for us. He bashed us for our errors and guided us till we got it correct.

There are many more teachers who made school life memorable. Yet these are the teachers who’ll have a special place in my heart forever. “Children are born with wings, teachers help them fly” fits aptly for them. We dont really need a particular day to celebrate them. For them, their students becoming men and women and making their mark in practical life is in and of itself a celebration. Everytime we remember the values taught by them and use them in our lives is a token of gratitude and love for them. Implementing the culture and discipline that they have cultivated in us, is a token for them. But this doesnt mean we shouldnt shower them with tokens of appreciation every now and then.
This run of the mill piece of an article is a token of love and immense gratitude that I have for these teachers.
May Allah swt bless them and every other teacher abundantly with the best blessings of this world and the next for the patience and efforts they have put in. And reunite them with The Teacher of Mankind (PBUH) on the day of judgement. Aameen 🙂

Tell us about your favorite teacher or an incident related to them. 🙂





Whats cooking? :)

We know we have been MIA, to all those who care and read our blog, sorry been busy with zindagi and zindagi ke daily dukhdey. 😉

Apart from the dukhdey, Alhamdulilah we have pretty good stuff that keeps us busy and away from the internet. Alhamdulilah for that 😀
So what are we upto? Whats cooking in our lives? Nothing spicy or khatta meetha to entertain you, as we usually describe our life as ublewe ( non-hydru- uble hue- why dont you guys shorten it like us) chawal and ublewi(ubli hui) daal.
We haven’t met each other as well since a month,thanks to zulmi masroofiyat. thank God for whatsapp though, that keeps us connected.  🙂

I am busy with cousin sis’s shaadi preparations and shopping( i hate it) which is scheduled to be right after eid. Matlab qurbani hoti nai dulhan’s gonna sit for manjey and that too ek din naii panch din….. Blah!

Falak’s busy with her college and travelling( annoying packing comes along) idhar se udhar. 😛 

So yes thats keeping  us busy most of the time, apart from that sleep and books are our companions.
What are we readingg??
As we both love reading, as soon as there is a possibility of getting a week or a day free we rush to bookstore to get our dose. Crossword has to be our favourite. It has hugeeeee and fantastic collection that it gets hard to choose. 

I bought classics this time, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. 
This time its taking me too long to finish them, first of all the language is so classic that I need to re-read the sentences sometimes and use dictionary most of the time. Allah Allah karke I finished Pride and Prejudice, have to start the next one, I actually did start if you count reading the introduction ;).  Archaic english is not the only reason for being so slow. Main reason is your gharwale cannot be happy when they see you in a happy relationship with your books. I’m sitting idle for past two hours kisiko koi kam yaad nahi aata as soon as I go like chalo koi kam nai hai book padhinge, suddenly everything needs to be arranged or cleaned or someone’s in dire need of chai or  mommas with lil kids want to have some sleep so u get to be the baby sitter!!Seriously no kidding! 

Pride and prejudice is too good to be missed, how did I not read it before?! 
Mr. Darcy …do I need to say anything more…your smile tells me no 😉 He is my favourite protagonist right now. So so mysterious and Elizabeth, the female protagonist is so congenial and wittyyy *thumbsup*. 
If you haven’t read it yet go get yourselves a copy soon. Its one book that every reader should have in their collection. 

Falak got herself Khaled Hosseini’s latest one ‘And the mountains echoed’ and a Charles Dickens one. 
Didn’t get a detailed review from her.
When I asked her about it her reply was: sad….very very sad but thats what he writes right. Good but sad, too many stories( three , i guess) interconnected. 
As for the latter one, I have no idea didn’t talk about it. Lets see if she gets in a mood to write a review on them 🙂
We were going to discuss books but then life happened aur zindagi ke daily dhukdey that we forgot to talk about books.  
Thats what cooking at our end. 🙂 
What are you(if you do) reading? Would love some suggestions, can be any genre. 
Prayers please to convert our ublewe chawal and daal into biryani 😉