Nu yeer, nu post, hu dis?

Well well hello {from the other side (it’s okay  there’s no need to roll your eyes..joke hai relax!)} everyone! If you were thinking we forgot you and our blog, then we didn’t. We didn’t. I promise you WE DIDN’T!
I know we keep getting MIA but that’s just our life. We don’t do it intentionally. I don’t even have an excuse this time, because I know and realize I (we) should  be blogging  more often but that just doesn’t happen. I try hard. I keep racking my head for ideas and keep mentally writing posts but when the time comes to execute those ideas, type them out on lappy, my brain tells me ” Nu brain, who dis?” Ab aap hi bataein karein toh kya karein?

So much has happened since the last post, so be prepared for a long long long post.

*offers you a virtual cup of coffee*

First things first, got done with the worst semester of my life. I don’t even know how I appeared for those exams, it took some supernatural force to write them. Blegh. But Alhamdulilah it’s done and now it’s been 17 days that I’m back in my Haven, Riyadh, enjoying the bone rattling winters.
My past few winters were in Hyderabad, where the last temperature drop is usually about 15 degrees celsius, so I was really looking forward to this trip of mine and mahn was my dua to experience winter was fulfilled. Alhamdulilah. It’s comparatively warm this weekend at 13-15 degrees. Okay I need to stop before I sound like “Namaskaar mausam ka tazaa haal lekar main hoon aapke saath Miss Maqsood….”

During my flight to Riyadh, I realized why I don’t like traveling alone because I don’t have my HUMAN PILLOW(s) with me then. No I don’t sleep most of the time on flight but to be comfortable I need one. Also when you travel alone you are obviously seated next to strangers, hello anxiety! It sure does make you feel like a strong independent lady but I’d prefer not to be next to strangers. Nope. Sorry. *shakes head*  *gloriously crawls back into her cocoon*
So I’m in Riyadh, enjoying winters, loving being the centre of attention of my parents (huaha!) and hanging out with my crazies (kinda reliving my school days). Alhamdulilah.

This made me realize two things. Firstly, this is the first time I’m alone with my parents, none of my brothers are here. So I  am getting their undivided attention and whenever they want anything, I’m expected to do it and I cannot be lazy and pass it on to my younger brother like I always do. (There’s one Hyderabadi saying for this situation that is something like ” Kuttey ku boley toh kutta uski dumm ku bola”. Self explanatory. )
And whenever I do something without being asked to, it fills them with joy and the Dua’s that follow are priceless. It’s not that they are incapable of doing stuff by themselves but they have reached that age, when they are supposed to be looked and cared after. They have done enough. And we have grown old enough to do our chores and house chores, so let’s not be lazy pseudo-teens.
Khair, let’s not get into sentimental stuff. Second thing I realized in the past few days is no matter where you go, what you do, there will always be that close knit of people who will have your back, your family and friends. Kuch bhi hojao they will be there. Through the ups and the downs, highs and lows. And if you have those people around you be thankful to the Lord coz it is a Niyamah (blessing), believe me it is. I cannot emphasize enough on how their presence can make your life easy and smooth. Even if they cannot help you out, they will stick by you. They will listen to you, they will let you cry. But they will be there. Beside you. Behind you. Also please be careful before including someone in that circle. Coz not everyone you meet are going to stay.
Kuch heavy hogaya nahi? Moving on.

December 27th was Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib’s birth anniversary. That day, my parents and I started watching Mirza Ghalib the serial (was aired on DD national in 1988), starring Naseeruddin Shah as Ghalib. We watched first five episodes in a go before we realized it was 12 am. Then we decided to resume on weekend. But that weekend never came.
So I decided to take matters in my hand  and watch it all alone by myself coz my parents were busy adulting. I have finished 11 of 16 episodes. And boy am I loving it! I was always fascinated by Ghalib because of his wit, he made me laugh in awe.
This serial cleared some serious misconceptions that I had regarding him. Anyone who’s interested to know more about him, should really watch it, it’s on Youtube. I’m not sure if everything that’s portrayed in that drama is to the T but most of it is from his letters, Khutoot-e-Ghalib. 🙂


Now that we are talking about Ghalib, there’s this post by Sulphurman that you should really reallly read if you are Ghalib-crazy.

*Are you still there? If yes, Thank you. Offers you another cup of coffee*

Guys! 2015 is over! Last year went in a jiffy, I was telling one of my friends it went by like how our 11th grade did, our life was in induced semi comatose phase. Stagnant yet moving at light’s speed. Only the year end result shook us up. And in the same way, as smooth n bland the starting three quarters of 2015 were the last quarter was quite turbulent. Nothing serious Alhamdulilah but you understand right? 🙂
Life had it’s fair share of everything but 2015 didn’t really  have anything in particular that I would love to look back at.
Tread on some paths I thought I would never walk on. Missed some opportunities coz I was being lazy. Bairhaal!

Let’s hope and pray (ijtemai duaa anyone?) this year, we grow to be someone we’d like to be.
Let’s give and not hold back but please hold back your over, microscopic criticism to yourselves. If you disapprove of something, or disagree over something, state your point and back off. Do NOT force your opinions.
**Also don’t be a cynic please. I can handle your over the rainbow optimism, your deep dark pessimism also I accept you with your lens of realism, but cynicism, no chance. I don’t really have a place for them n their sh*t in my life. No thank you! If you cannot say anything good, kindly shut up, Yes disagree but don’t be a cynic.Please. **
Sorry was carried away, back to the ijtemai duaa.
Let’s chase our dreams. 
Let’s rekindle our faith in ourselves and our capabilities.
Let’s read read and read more, and write write and write some more.
Let’s fill our hearts with love till it’s filled to the brim.
Let’s laugh till our stomachs ache and cry till our hearts heal.
Let’s live each day, make the day count and not forget to be thankful for every new day. Insha’Allah!
I’d like to end the post, like my friend would have,
“Aaj ,aaj ek hasi aur baant lo, aaj ek dua aur maang lo, aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo, aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo, aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo, aaj … kya pata, kal ho naa ho”
*Srk’s signature pose* 😛
Hope you liked my randomness and coffee. 🙂

P.S : I know two of you had tagged me in posts and I’d kinda promised you guys I would do it but I didn’t. I apologize 😦


13 thoughts on “Nu yeer, nu post, hu dis?

  1. Ghalib! The only reason i opened this post was Ghalib written on your laptop’s screen! Sahi farmaya aap nay sab :p I should watch this serial too! (Why haven’t ive watched this O_o. Hazrat Qibla Mirza Nosha sahab ki ruh tarap na tarap jaye ye jaan kay)

    P.S. You’re funny 🙂

    • Lol shukriya then for opening and reading my post. Ghalib has that effect, I assume 😛
      Also I believe I’m always right, so I agree ke maine sahi farmaya hai sab. 🙂
      Yes you SHOULD watch it, zaroor dekhiyega taake Mirza Nosha Miya apni aramgah mein sukoon se letey rahein. 🙂
      P.S: Thank you 🙂

  2. Hahaha. Kal ho na ho ke end se you won.
    I might watch Ghalib. Loved reading your mausaman da hal inney din bad over here. Esp the “Nope. Sorry… *gloriously crawls back into her cocoon*” part. :p Alhamdulillah to the good thingz. Aameen to the better inshaAllah! <33
    P.S. Aesy titles sath likhty rehye, shukriya, bye.

    • Hahaha *aadaab*
      Thanks Mario!
      Yes please do watch it. And ofcourse tell me how you find it, obviously you will tell me. I know.
      Lol thank you for reading it! 😀
      P.S. inshaAllah 🙂

  3. Yar ap ki posts parh kar Apnaiyat ka ehsaas hota hay seriously… 😛 and I “Literally” read this post while sipping away at my gigantic mug of coffee 😛

    I’ll look for the Ghalib series on You-tube. Hey did you hear about this Pakistani movie that came out recently “Manto”, you may like it?! 🙂

    • Hahaha Zee thank you so much! 🙂
      Oh yes! Manto!! Thank you for reminding of it, I am gonna watch it soon insha’Allah 😀
      Do tell me how you like Ghalib series, if you watch it. 🙂

  4. For me Ghalib is a true Rockstar in Urdu Poetry, my fav poet… He and Poe are one of a kind, as i am typing this comment im looking at the “Dewan-e-Ghalib” on the book rack on top of my head in my room, its always a great read, thanks for the Coffee 🙂 …. you had a good start to the year 🙂

    • He is indeed a Rockstar, one of a kind. 🙂
      I haven’t read Poe actually, but I’ll look for his stuff soon. 🙂
      Ha! That’s great, Diwan-e-Ghalib, I have bought that months ago but sadly I didn’t start. Abhi while watching this series I’d promised myself to read it as soon as I get back to India.
      You’re welcome. Alhamdulilah so far so good. 🙂
      Hope you had a good start as well insha’Allah and hope everything’s fine at your end. 🙂

  5. I love your chill posts just by the way. It gives me that very-needed rambling session with a friend, which is not very much possible in real life because of the deep urge to sleep inside our cocoon thing, you know. Anyway, that blog you linked – absolutely wonderful, best thing on the internet I found today, and totally gave me something to pursue for when I have some spare time, and so is this show Ghalib you keep mentioning. I’ll see if I can binge it some day. Baaqi ye k buhat sassy and akalmand hogyi ho. Thori si akal idhar bhi de dein. XD

    • Hahah Thank You so much VDB. Writing these random, non sensical posts is like a semi catharsis.
      Oh yes you should do that some day. When life gets too boring, let Mirza Ghalib take hold of it. 🙂
      Loool Ghalia, Koshish karoungi apne posts se thodi aqal tumhein bhi deney ki 😉

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