For the love of Cricket!

Hello Pakistani Friends,
So its the “world-war 3” tomorrow, eh?
Hmm… So you all are set to curse the opponent country with full junoon-o-jazba? I see, thts how some of the enthusiats here are being “patriotic” tonight. Probably waking their “Patriotism” which has been asleep since the last match we played.
I just want to request one thing, can we put aside all te differences we have( not that we have any except the dirty political ones) and enjoy the match with a sportsman spirit? I know its a big deal but can we not make it a world war? Can we just let the “hatred” be confined to the match and not our fb pages? I know its not about losing a match but its about losing a match against the “rivals”. Can we, the audience, be not rivals but solely competitiors?
Can we not make haar-jeet our anaa ka masla? Please?
And for the record, I don’t mind losing against Pakistan ( Surprise) and I wouldnt mind at all if we lose with Lala’s winning sixers πŸ˜‰, because I believe its better to lose against you guys than losing against some other team (Emotional drama, i know πŸ˜‰ )
And with the political turmoil there (no offense) I know this victory will be the reason for thousand smiles tomorrow ,so I wish that for my padosis.
Thats what I believe and there are few others here who think the same. And probably (I hope) this post finds some humkhayal there as well?
Support and encourage your team, pray for the loss of the opponents but please do not curse the opposite nation.
Its my plea lets support our respective teams without degrading each others country. Please,pretty please.
Thank you for taking your time out to read this.
A Friend from across the border.

Hola my Indian fellas,
Kem cho? Mast? Done with brushing up your cursing skills for tomorrow? Um?
Listen, I know its not JUST a game tomorrow but as I have stated earlier can we not make this game into a war? I know we love cricket, some of us worship cricket as well but sadly we dont have the morals of fine conduct, we dont know how to react to a loss. Can we not use derogatory terms for the opponents and lets enjoy the match purely? Please put forth the best sportmanship tomorrow, no matter we lose or win, it really doesnt matter that muchhh( who am i kidding it matters but itna bhi nahi k gaali galoch start kardo).
What matters is the game we play. Lets support and encourage our players in the best spirit, lets pray for our opponents loss πŸ˜‰ but please do not, I repeat do not curse the other nation.
Lets behave like the padhi likhi awaam/janta that we are and not like gawars cussing at every wrong shot. Please? I know this game means A LOT , it does mean a lot to me as well but cussing aint gonna make us win. Lets keep it a matter of patriotism and not egoism. Please. 😊
Thank You!
Fellow Hindustaani 😊

Lastly may the best Team( God willingly India- Huaha) win.
Thats about it. Good luck Indo-Pak for the match tomorrow.

Note: I’d written this before the match and had planned to post it yesterday but didn’t because I had a doubt ke it will not be reciprocated in the same manner. But now I wish I had done, so I am posting it now. Some of us, on both the sides if border, have stooped too low. Yaar game hi hai, chill karo. I know I got HYPEREXCITED with our win but please for Insaaniyat’s sake stop laughing at your opponent’s loss. And my fellows across the border, I know its NOT okay but can we not stoop low and make personal derogatory comments.
Thank you.


4 thoughts on “For the love of Cricket!

  1. You got a “humkhayal” here πŸ™‚
    being an Indian , I support my own country. But that in no way means to defame our opponents. Watching indo pak match is fun. However, in today’s match I didn’t feel any fierce competition kind of thing. I wish pak players good luck. Sincere wishes to them.
    Yes its just a game.
    Lets enjoy it as a sport only:)

    • Exactly!
      I was bit worried considering India’s performance in tri series so I was like India bhi weak hai Pakistan bhi weak, you dont know who’s gonna win. But Alhamdulilah we did πŸ˜€

  2. we don’t see the kind of atmosphere that was in Adelaide here in Pakistani or Indian stadiums, yes the people were pumped up but it looked like they were there to enjoy the rivalry and cricket, but here we get hushed stadiums when the opposing team hits a six or takes wicket…. we so need that padhi likhi quomon wala atmosphere here so we can have more India-Pakistan cricket in sub-continent πŸ™‚ now just imagine a Pak-India semi final…. or a Final πŸ˜›

    • Yeahh, we dont take game as a game. And also while getting our hopes high we should consider their performances but nahi we act like the ziddi kid “WC hona hai toh hona hai”. Considering India’s performance i had nil hopes but now Alhamdulilah I can say with teeeny meeny confidence “wewontgiveitback” πŸ˜›
      It has been ages since we had Indo-Pak series in the sub continent.
      Oh God! The thought just made my heart miss a beat. Haha! It will be fun though πŸ˜›

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