Faith…Hope…Patience is my mantra of magic. For me these are the core ingredients to success, of course after hard work. Today I thought I’d discuss on Hope. Hope is my oxygen, literally. Thus I call myself Romantically Hopeful.

Romantically Hopeful, mind you not Hopelessly romantic. There’s a difference between the two.
If you fall in the latter category, like my jigri Falak, you find romance in every nook and corner of the world. And if you fall in the former category, like I do sometimes, you will find hope in every dark dungeons of the world.
(Is there any other meaning to that phrase, if it exists?)
This is one aspect in which we differ a bit.

I am not an optimist most of the time, but I do find hope and stick to it whenever and wherever I can. Doobte ko tinke ka sahara type.

That tinka can take you out of the sea of miseries and sometimes it can be the reason that you are in the sea of misery (if not miseries).

I think it all depends on what or who that “Tinka” is for you. It can be your friend, parents, siblings, God. Anyone.

If your tinka is that friend who’s infamous for ditching you in times of need, then my friend you are always going to be in SOM (sea of miseries, yaaro!). And here, that friend isn’t to be blamed, that is their fitrat (nature). Maybe they aren’t born to help you out, maybe they don’t play or take the “tinka” part well. The problem is ours, after every fall why do we still seek their help? Like whyyy?? I know a friend in need is friend indeed and all that. But some people aren’t tinka material. So learn to accept that and find someone else.

Okay this is going off the tangent. I didn’t want to discuss “tinka(s)”.

I live and thrive on hope. I hope even when the stakes are high, matlab I cling to the idea of hope, desperately. Give me 99.9 reasons why I am going to fail in something but if it has .01% chances of succeeding, I will cling to that .01% hope.

If there weren’t any hope left inside me, Is dunya se kab ka kooch kar jaati :P. Seriously, I would have died of depression. But Alhamdulillah for Hope, this is why they rightly say Umeed pe dunya qayam hai.
I am not really made of 100% hope; I do have my pessimistic problems, a lot of them, to be honest. But I have that zarra barabaar umeed in me that makes life interesting and keeps me going. Alhamdulilah!

I have both pessimistic and optimistic sides.
I find shelter in Ghalib’s words :
Koi umeed barr nahi aaati
Koi soorat nazr nahi aati.

And at the same time I thank Allama Iqbal for :
Koi qabil ho toh hum shaan kai dete hain
Dhoonde waloun ko dunya bhi nayi dete hain.

Often these sides clash with each other and then comes the realist side to the rescue. This can take you out of the misery, “Yes life’s hard and not fair but you gotta survive, so move on” or push you in harder to drown, like “Doob maro kuch nahi hai is dunya mein jeeney qabil, nothing is worth, wish You’d die!”


Come to think of it, I am a DPRO. Dreamer-Pessimist-Realist-Optimist, I am all of these.

I am the realist who swears by these words of Ghalib:
Qaid e hayaat o band e gham
Asl mein donou ek hai
Maut se pehle aadmi
Gham se nijaat paaye kyun?

A dreamer who hums Lennon’s anthem “You may say I’m a dreamer…..”!

I dream of weird and unachieveable things to do.
My optimistic self feeds the dreamer in me, nurtures it to a huge extent, and then comes my pessimistic self to burst the bubble. Here, like always, the realist comes to the rescue, marham karke or haldi namak lagake, leaves it to the evergreen hero; optimism to nurture it again.

If one of my dreams shatter, optimism weaves a new dream for me. (Hey isnt that a cool line? copyrights: Miss Maqsood! :P)

Sometimes I do achieve what I want and most of the time I don’t. But one thing that I have learnt is never to give up, no matter what they (who else, dunya waaley, zaalim dunya always) say or believe, if YOU believe in yourself and have faith in Him you can get through it. If He takes you to it, He will take you through it.
I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I thrive on hope, without hope, I am as hollow as a shell. Hope is the pearl of my life. (Such filmyyy line, hai naa? Bus kabhi kabhi aise alfaaz nikal aaate hain 😉 )
And sometimes in worst cases life takes such detours that from pearl it transforms to peril.

In such cases I seek refuge in “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you, and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. Allah knows while you know not” (Quran, Surah Baqarah).

So, yes the pessimist and the realist side do push me into dungeons of despair and gloom, every now and then, that’s natural. Because jab atraaf mein sab bura hota hai ya gham hote hain toh laazmi baat hai dil k andar bhi andhera chaajaata hai is haal mein sabse behtar hal yeh hai ke instead of dwelling in darkness, try to get out of it. Kuch nahi dikhta because it’s dark, bus haath pair maarte raho shayad switch board par lag jaye n roshni hojaye. That tinkay barabaar umeed of “hitting the switch board” lights up those dungeons and keeps me alive.

Before you wonder “What the Khichdi, is this”, what I am saying is everyone is not born an optimist or pessimist et al, it all depends on the situations and halaat ( I know both mean same, but I love the filmy effect 😉 ). No matter what you are going through, no matter how bad everything is just hold on to the rope of Hope, tightly. Hope is the key to survival.


Find that “tinka” that keeps hope alive in you. Nurture your optimism and seek a new world, one that you dream of, because:

“Wuhi Jahan hai tera jis ko tu kare paida
Yeh sang-o-khisht naheen jo teri nigah mein hai”
(Allama Iqbal)

Oh at the end I am also a hopeless romantic but not as hopeless as my jigars. Her hopelessness is of some high degree I can’t even perceive of :P. *Tauba Tauba*
Unlike the desi hopeless romantics, I don’t think DDLJ (or even Titanic for that matter) is the best romantic movie ever. Like really?? I don’t find anything romantic in “agar wo tumsey pyaar karti hai toh wo palat ke dekhegi” or whatever it is. Bhaijaan, she will also take second look at you if she’s planning your murder or abduction or also to wonder how can one be so puke-ishly irritating. That’s mostly what happens because how do you find an ANNOYINGLY-HYPEREXCITED-FOR-NO-REASON TWENTY SOMETHING Romantic? RIP akhal. *Phew* now that I have said that, I can die in peace.

But I am a hopeless romantic in a way that romantic songs veer zaara types or Mohd. Rafi numbers, (jab romance ki baat hori toh how can I forget) urdu poetry and ghazals, make me fall in love with the idea of love.
Be it Jagjit Singh’s
“Koi chaudhveen raat ka chand bankar tumhare tassavur mein aaya toh hoga…”
Or Rafi’s:
“Likhe jo khat tujhe wo teri yaad mein hazaroun rang ke nazare bangaye…”
HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THESE WORDS! More than the idea or concept I love the use of words and the magic created. In that way, yes I am a hopeless romantic 😛
Also, subtle cheesy and Zindagi Gulzar Hai type romance makes me swooon. *dreamy eyes*
ZGH type romance is not limited to ZGH only, what I mean is the simplistic and the decent romance without any complexities with a hint of cheese here and there.

So let’s end this post on that dreamy and Gulzar-y note 😉 And begin the new fresh year on a hopeful note, insha’Allah!
Until next time Take care!


12 thoughts on “Faith…HOPE…Patience

  1. I admire all the hopeful persons around. Clinging to that little shine of hope generally takes us out from sea of miseries. It has a reason too. The sea of miseries seem bigger than it actually is and ray of hope seem thinner that itself.
    However, I also Admire the Poetry of Ghalib.. His famous poem KOI UMEED sung by Rahet Fateh Ali khan is something I Die for.
    Hue jo Mar ke rusva, to kyun na huve Garak E dariya..
    Na kabhi janaza uththa, Na kahin Majar hota !!

    • Yeah, hardships seem a lot bigger than what they are, thus diminishing ray of hope.
      Oh I didn’t listen RFAK sing it.
      Yes, Ghalib’s poetry is admirable.
      Thank you so much Raman for reading. 🙂

  2. you have given a whole new meaning to “Tinka” here,yup hope is what keeps us going, what gets us out of the bed every morning, what makes us alive…… like that 0.1% germ which Dettol fails to kill (they say it kills 99.9% germs > that makes that 0.1% germ a legend than) that 0.1 hope makes all the difference for us…. thanks for sharing this, a refreshing read on the eve of new year.

    • Exactly! Hope keeps us alive.
      Yes, that 0.1% hope that’s always burning inside us no matter what, makes the difference, a legend as you say.
      Thank you for reading it 🙂

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