My Dream is dead now

Once again it’s humanity versus barbarity!
Once again, the world has failed the innocent souls.
Once again, we’re left with nothing but few words of condemnation.
Once again, Humanity weeps tears of blood.

Over  100  school kids have been killed in #PeshawarAttack.
School is one place, after home, where every kid feels safe and protected, and today that safe haven had been under attack. I cannot fathom what those kids (who luckily were saved) might be going through right now and parents,  may God give them the courage and patience to bear the unbearable loss.
I remember, one day there was a rumour during our exams that our school was gonna be under attack the next day, the day we had our exam, and to this day I remember the look of dread on my parents’ faces. And I cannot  imagine what these parents are feeling now. I don’t want to.
They don’t send their kids, they send their hearts wrapped in tiny bodies to learn, to grow, to become human and not be the target of inhumane politics. Mothers await the homecoming of their lovely souls in soiled uniforms and not caskets & coffins. Fathers didn’t know the goodbye, outside the school gates, would be the last goodbye ever.
Their hearts have been shred into pieces. Their little caterpillars murdered before they could grow wings. Their dreams shattered before they could dream.

“My son was my dream, my dream is dead now”-Parent after the attack.

School gives one, happy memories to last life long. With every bump on the road, memories from school make you smile. And I am sad and grieved coz  school to these kids, instead gave traumatising memories and haunting nightmares for the rest of their lives.

School,Amidst all the chaos of growing up And hormonal turbulence,
Promises to keep you sane and safe,
And not to rob you off the safety and sanity!
School, where you fight with your friends, paper guns and bullets,your weapons
not where you have  to defend yourself, against the real guns and real bullets.
School, where you see your friends drenched in water on a hot sunny day and not in blood.
School, where you learn no religion teaches you barbarism and not witness otherwise.
School, teaches you the importance of your existence
and not the place where you are killed for your being.
School, where you learn arithmetics by striking out lines
and not by striking out names of your classmates, no more alive.

These kids were under 18, the age in which one is supposed to enjoy their care free days, nurture their dreams, aim their goals and challenge the world for change.

125+ dreams ruthlessly shattered.
125+ buds heartlessly plucked before they could bloom into beautiful flowers.
125 less changes the world shall witness.

At the end,  Pakistan, know that you are stronger than you think,  and braver than you believe.  Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope.
You’re not alone in this, the world stands with you, we stand with you. InshaAllah victory will be yours.

May Allah swt bless every martyr with the Highest of the Paradise, grant their families Sabr. May Allah bestow the Army Public School Kids with strength and courage to stand up again, firm and fight for the country and peace they deserve. Aameen.




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