DD: Daily Dhukdey II- Of Facebook and “Life”

*crawls out of the MIA hole-looks around-Oh you guys still there?!!*
Thank God for loyal blogosphere fellows! Back with a post and a rant so brace yourselves, might as well get popcorn 😉

Facebook has taken everything from our life and threw it out of the window more like packed everything carefully and fedex-ed it to another world.
No seriously, facebook is such a vicious trap you open it and from page to page, person to person, liking, commenting aaand stalking, goes your study schedule and time management ke waadey. (Don’t give me that look we all have done our share of stalking.)
Before signing in, I promise myself to just check the updates and sign off within minutes. Oh yes I do sign out within minutes bus farkh yeh hai minutes vary from 30-120 minutes, depending on the importance of the work that has to be done, the more important the work is the more interesting fb gets. Satan’s trap, I tell you.

If facebook wasn’t enough already there’s twitter and instagram. (Kill me now!)

I think its time to detox my life, planning to stay away from facebook for a while. One of my friend was promising me “get away from fb and then you’ll be able to do anything and everything, phir aisa dikhta dunya jahan ka time hai tumhare paas”.
More than consuming our lives, I think Facebook has transformed most of us into self centered human beings. No offense to any one but that’s the bitter truth.

Before you photographed because memories now people pose with their friends because they haven’t updated their profile for a while now. (Again, not all but most of them)

Pehle, when you hung out with friends you TALKED, you vented, dil ki bhadass nikalte, now you pose, pout and add check-ins on fb. Okay mahn, we get it you have “fun” with your friends how about real fun now?
No harm in clicking for few minutes lekin doing that or using fb when you’re with your loved ones to spend some quality time. Not cool che, so not cool.

Pre-fb times if you had a problem, you’d talk to your friends and family and now you make sure to make an elaan on fb for your entire friend list to know. And worst, if some poor insaan out of sympathy asks what is wrong, they get the standard reply “I cant say or it doesn’t matter”. Hell!! Toh why did you post about it then. Attention seeker, much?

Then we have “Love you mum/dad” walay log as well. And unke mum dad, itelaan arz hai, are not on fb. Bibi pyaar jatana hai toh go and tell them face to face and not to the world.

Love you se yaad the FDA (Facebook display of affection), you guys prolly have each others contact numbers, skype ids and what not, kindly proceed there with your affection. Utni zehmat nahi hoti toh Mark bhai ne inbox bhi diya hai fb par. Please refrain from grossing out the general fb users.

And what do I say about creepers and stalkers? Fb with its updates is getting stalker friendly. Innocent harmless stalking is healthy once in a while lekin creeping someone out is NOT acceptable at all. Now who is supposed to explain this to desperate fraands out there. Yaar, what do they think matlab aisa karey toh opposite person is gonna react positively to it?! Grow up guys!

And the deterioration of languages by fb users. Na apni zabaan dhang ki aur na english dhang ki. Theek hai your/you’re theek hai. BUT yew, KeWL, GuRl, PRinXess not cool, not cool at all. I remember when fb and messaging were new and everyone in our class were getting the hang of fb and smses, so many, soo many of our classmates were called out for using internet/sms slang in notebooks and exams. Hahah!! We used to watch them mazaay se. Only if everytime they made mistakes on fb, a hand, belonging to their teacher, comes out of the screen and pulls their ear like the Good Ol’ Days. Cruel much? I dont care. YOU ARE KILLING THE LANGUAGE SLOWLY BY SLOWLY. So yes you highly deserve that. Highly.

I can go on and go for hours on this topic. But lets stop here and pray for the betterment of fb-qaum.

Hoping for a fb-free life, will try the detoxication method. Lets get productive thennn and transform our dead withered blog back to life inshaAllah inshaAllah!

How are youu alll doing? Hope everything is fine inshaAllah.


15 thoughts on “DD: Daily Dhukdey II- Of Facebook and “Life”

  1. Dua for the betterment of facebook-awam? Lol you’ve gotta be kidding, Miss Maqsood. You expect that, like really? AND U FORGOT THE BEST THING ABOUT UR FACEBOOK: ME, OKAY. Yeah.
    Wesy nice decision you’ve made. Baqol my teacher today, u ppl have no idea aapko taleem hasil krny se roknay ke lye kitnay lakhon dollars ki investment hoti hy.
    I loveed reading yoooou, like always. It was this so-you blogging style that I was missing, really, reaaally.
    Creepers ki tou kia hi baat hay.

  2. I get attached to fb for 6 months, and when it gets too much I quit fb and deactivate it for a month. This never works though. I get back to it. Mark didnt just design a social networking site. He designed the greatest trap ever.

    • I know mahn I know, the worst trap ever. I remember Pre-fb, life was so productive and since Fb my grades have dropped to never rise again. -_-
      Its our own fault, that we have become so dependent and attached to it. I am not gonna deactivate but I am gonna limit my surfing times, inshaAllah 🙂

  3. i have not used Facebook since September, cuz one day i said to myself ok enough time wasting, enough of just scrolling aimlessly, so i am sober from sep, and you know its been just great, i just blog now and have met so many good friends through blogging and see and read so many good things…. honestly i dont intend to go near facebook anytime soon may be on my birthday in April 🙂

    • That requires lots of self control, I must say. Two months without facebook, cool. I had deactivated twice for exams but it required huge amounts of self control.
      Aaahh things you could do instead of scrolling aimlessly, as you put. That’s great, really, blogging does introduce you to an entirely new world, so different from one we live in. 🙂
      Thank you for dropping by our blog, nice to have you on board. 🙂

  4. Facebook is a distraction only if you get distracted by it. It is a trap only if you get trapped. Everything has a limit. Use face book in limits and you will be fine. Wesay meray sir pe b kabi kabi bhoot sawaar ho jata hai awaen shokhi maari hai ye likh k 😛 Great post by the way. Always Love your sarcastic detailed analysis of things.

    • Hahaha Lala, wohi main kahoun. I was telling myself “kya baat hai bhai Lala badi siyaani hogayi hai :P”
      But yeah thats true,shokhi or whatever, but sahi baat kahi hai. 😀 We are responsible for making it the epicentre of our lives 🙂
      So good to have you back. Thank You Lalaaa 😀

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