Main aur Baarish!

Few days ago, I was gonna write a post complaining about this year’s drought… “August is about to end and baarish ka naam o nishaan nahi hai” because summer was at its peak, like it was April-May. Except for drizzles once a week or a month, monsoon hadnt really started, which irked me to the core. And I was gonna post how I hate this city coz there’s nothing here except for jalti chubti garmi. (dermi cool ad :P)
As I was contemplating on my rant, Almighty blessed this city with His showers! 😀
We’ve been waiting for rains since june lekin baarish arrived ab finally and now, every gloomy face lit up with a 400 watt smile. pichley 3-4 din se mausam badaa beimaaan hai badaa beimaaan hai ;).
Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah x 10000 times, its raining heavily! I hope and pray the weather stays this pleasant and lovely for a while ab. Der ayad, durust ayad!

I LOVE LOVE this weather!! I love it pagalpan ke hadd tak!

I dont understand people who associate sun with happiness and rain with blues. Matlab are you out of your wits?? People who think sunshine brings happiness haven’t really enjoyed rain.
Come to the Indian subcontinent ya Middle east phir aapki poori happiness garmi mein evaporate hojayegi, phir poochoungi.

I want to go on a bike ride when it pours and feel the raindrops splash on my face and have ice cream kapkapate hue! That would be so much fun!!

I pleaded my brother for this favor, he replied me with an intense ghoori (glare), everytime. Until ammi ji heard me and replied “maraan khaaney ki aayi..zukaam hogaya, ice cream hona katey,(katey means it seems in hyderabadi) sharam hai thodi bhi”.
I wish to have garam garam pani puri (or a pani puri race) by the roadside with my friends, while getting drenched in the rain. ( Have done this so many times but its been ages).

I wish I were a kid again so I could make paper boats and float them in the puddles 😦
*magar mujhkoo lautaa do wo kaghaz ki kashti, wo baarish ka paani*

Aajkal ke kids are so nazuk mahn, so nazuk and inactive. Khair lets stop there, I can rant on this topic for hours!

Baarish matlab garam garam bhaap udati hui cup of coffee/chai with family. The olden and golden way of enjoying rain and mitti ki soondhi soondhi khusboo. Aur agar uske saath Osmania biscuits/ pakodey hojaye toh kya baat hai!


Baarish refreshes my soul and makes me happy and hyper like I am high on something, that must be baarish ka khumaaar. Ammi remarks on this “khiley tou phool nai toh matti dhool” 😛
After all baarish makes Zindagi Gulzar (literally)!! (sorry been watching ZGH again toh couldnt stop myself)

Baarish awakens the outgoing soul inside me, is mausam mein chahlqadmi with(out) chatri ( rem pyaar hua iqrarr huaaaa?), having garam garam bhuttaa or thandi thandi ice cream. ❤


Baarish makes me want to go on a long long drive (sans traffic) with classy songs in the background.

This is what I got after begging my brother for a bike ride, a drive lekin with a prerequiste : You are not gonna lower the window coz paani andar aajata 😦 Khair something is better than nothing!

Yeh mausam hai jab main inteha ki hadd tak filmi hoti hoon. Be it swirling around in the baarish like khwaaja mera khwaaja to sitting and watching the rain drops fall ahista ahista. Or swinging on the jhoola to the rhythm of water droplets! Lol can’t help being filmi. Sorry 😛

If nothing else works, switch on the radio and listen to classics or read a book and watch how rain quenches the thirst of desolate nature. Coz these days are those faraghat (leisure) ke din which Ghalib had yearned for.
” ji dhoodnta hai wohi fursat ke raat din;
Baithey rahey tassavur e jaana kiye hue”
“My heart seeks that time of leisure again, so that night and day
I can spare in the thoughts of the beloved”

We both had written alag alag posts but our content is thoda bhot same cz we are same like that…bachpan se sath khaali nahi hai ❤
Baarish does wonders it got both of us to write 😛

Hows the mausam at your end?


8 thoughts on “Main aur Baarish!

  1. I love…just looovvveee rains and two back to back posts on your blog here, just made my day.. 🙂 I stay in bangalore and there hasn’t been much rains, but back in my hometown, it was awesome…all that you mentioned in your post! 🙂

    • Reading that our blog made your day, kinda made my day err night 😉
      Thank You so much, Mi for dropping by and reading our posts.
      Aww mahn, I wish and pray B’lore gets blessed with the much desired showers soon, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. :)But I heard B’lore’s weather and climate is pretty good all round the year. Is it right?
      And your hometown is? And how do you spend your rainy days?
      Baarish binds everyone in those ways, I guess:D
      Hoping to have you on board hamesha 🙂

      • 🙂 Apparently B’lore is always pleasant, but lately there aren’t any showers… the kind it is famous for! 😦

        My home town is a place in Maharashtra, a small town, which borders which MP. I dun wanna name it, coz I blog anonymously and itne chhote shehar me hum easily spot ho jayenge.. on google too 😛

        I’ll always be on board… keep blogging! 🙂

  2. I love going out in the rain. Its so much fun. When I was in Kashmir, I would just lie down and read a book while listening to the rain drops. But since coming to Karachi haven’t seen no rain 😦 Rain is always welcome, be it winters or summers. 🙂

    • Yup Rain’s always welcome 😀
      Aah the joy of reading and listening to the rain drops. Choti choti khushiyaan 🙂

      Eeeh, Karachi is like the desert of Pakistan, if am not wrong, right? Oh aajkal toh its rainining heavily there, I suppose. Read an article which read that there were slight chances of tsunami there. Khudanakhasta. Hope everything’s fine there 🙂

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