Baarish is …

Baarish. Barsaat. Rains. Monsoon.

This one season thats written about and romanticized more than any other. In books, movies, songs, poetry, theres just something thats beautiful and calming and sad about it. Something almost magical.
Being the cheesy schmuck and hopeless romantic that i am, it means a lot to me too.

Baarish is a cuppa garam chai and simple, meaningful conversations with a loved one.
Baarish is watching the rain alone from a window and wondering who would have made it better.
Baarish is garam pakodey and best friends making crazy plans and remembering old ones.
Baarish is cuddling upto your lover and thinking ‘zindagi waaqai gulzar hai’ (yes, i will NOT get over it. not anytime soon at least)
Baarish is getting all philosophical and wondering about the significance of your existence.
Baarish is crying over a heartbreak while listening to old classics like mohd rafi
Baarish is lying on a sofa wrapped up in fuzziness, with a good book and a bar of chocolate.
Baarish is bike rides with the rain in your face, holding onto someone tight, driving to nowhere in particular.
Baarish is old family albums and embarrassing bachpan ke khissey kahaniyan.
Baarish is teekhi, khatti pani puri and splashing around in puddles.
Baarish is long drives, watching the drops hit the window and make music out of silence (or you could always play Galliyan/ humdard ❤ )
Baarish is high school romance, dancing around while it pours and stealing kisses
Baarish is remembering old memories and people that have slipped away…

Baarish is for khushi, for celebrating the choti choti baatein.
Baarish is for tanhaai, for knowing that somebody will make you better
Baarish is for dosti, for understanding you like nobody else
Baarish is for dard, for the yaadein that will never happen again
Baarish is for pyar, for the words that are not needed when you quietly slip your hand into theirs
Baarish is for khwab, for the hopes and dreams that bloom slowly and wilt even faster
Baarish is for darr, for the insecurities and the darkness that seems to cast gloom around
Baarish is for hope, for believing that things will eventually come around

Aur ab jab barsega, toh aankhein band karo, baahein kholo aur dil se muskurao, akeley baarish mein ❤ 
(My GODD! What a super cheesy schmuck i sound like. Oh well, baarish does that to me. But you have to try it, feels AMAZINGG, pakka promise!)

Lol, zyada hogaya kya? 😛 as mushy romantic as it gets in this mausam. Very cheesy, kinda senseless, over the board, super filmy, but whatever. I still kinda like it. i think it goes with my taste of masala romance. *sigh* mera kya hoga?

photo 1 photo 3More like the normal me.

So, tell us if baarish means the same to you, as it does to us? And if not, then let us know what it is for you 🙂
Lots of love ❤


15 thoughts on “Baarish is …

  1. This is one of the BEST poem I have ever ever read about the rains. *sigh* i read it twice and I am going to bookmark it so I can read it over and over!
    That humdard song is actually amazing! Especially in the rains. Driving on a lonely road with greenery all around. Aah.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ it!!
    Can I reblog it? 🙂

  2. Nice:)
    Barish ki khushboo 🙂 when its rains on the mud 🙂 that is also great !
    and running in the rain, or playing some sport like football 🙂
    baki to everything you have mentioned 🙂

    • Oh yes, i frgot that one, pehli baarish mein kachi mitti ki khushboo ❤
      Yeah, didnt think of those since its kind of a guy thing, but totally 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness ! I was so engaged in the post literally feeling everything you have written. Baarish is always like that for me, every time one of the things you have mentioned. It was like standing beside the window and listening to old Indian songs and listening to the music the rain drops make while they fall on car’s glass…. And it is like a cup of coffee with my husband and talking for a long time now. Zindagi waqae gulzaar hai if you have someone to share your awesome moments. LOVE your post ❤

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