Anniversary special?

Its been almost two years since we started the blog. Long time eh? But I feel we are still stuck at the same place at the same pace.
Before starting the blog we had promised ourselves we would be updating the blog every week or two weeks and wouldnt leave it lawaaris long enough.
 Khairr that didnt happen as you can see.
 With merely 26 posts in two years thats almost 1 per month. We couldnt keep our promise.
 We started this blog when we were, umm, a bit… I donno how to put it in words. We were tired of something or the other. We wanted to talk about silly issues, wanted to discuss our petty ideas and voice our “zaalim dunya ke roney” but clearly that didnt happen either.
Either we were too busy or we lacked motivation to write on. Falak believed in quality than quantity so she wrote whenever she felt like it. And I,on the other hand wanted to keep updating the blog with mundane stuff bcz I thought we didnt really have “worth writing” lives that we could write about and didnt want to lose the precious audience.

 So thats how our blog has worked so far. Tbh we dont really know where this blog is heading, we dont have any plans.
Khairrr this blog has helped me in knowing great bloggers mostly from across the border (padosis you have a special place in my heart) and ofcourse my Indian bloggers( hamara toh dil aapka hai, sad na hoon) . I have read some amazing stuff here. I wish i could write that well…khair!

 Even with this content we have managed to receive some awards. We dont deserve it, bus aapki mohobbat hai jisne humein qabil samjha. *aapki nazaroun ne samjha award k qabil humeinn* Geddit? 😛 (we had warned you we are filmy 😉 )

Thank You Randomlyabstract for your support and awards. We are thankful to you. And Sadaf, (she isnt blogging anymore) if youever read this thanks a ton for the undeserving award, we highly appreciate it.

 Miss Maqsood has been waiting for me to add to this post, for the last week or more. She wanted to make it an anniversary special sorta thing, but I kinda ruined that. Anywhooo, I think you guys get an idea now of how fast I am with these things. I dont know what has happened in the last 2 years, actually, A LOT, has happened… So much that somehow I feel its changed the way I spoke out, the way I took a stand for things or how strongly I felt all kinds of emotions. Its a phase where I’m at a “meh” stage, and I dont know how what I write will come across. I dont even know why im bothered in the first place. Ok, before this starts to “sound like the diary of a mad(wo)man” *Zgh reference*, I will stop. I have a lot of things floating around in my head, that I will write about soon, inshAllah. But be warned, it’ll be senti -emo -philosophy types. My funny bone seems to be in a uncertain state of hibernation. Woh jaag jaaye, toh meri zindagi mein bhi jaan aajaye. aur is blog pe bhi…

You’ve put up with us till now, so please hang around for more. We love you. And as for my filmy line of the post? (did you REALLY think i wud manage without one? REALLLY?)
“aaj hum jo bhi hain, aapki pyar aur vishvas ki wajeh se hain, aapke pyar ke liye hain..isi tarah hamarey saath rahiye”
Too much cheese. Stolen from cheesy tv award shows, aka star parivaaaaaaaaaaarrr. bleh.

Ok signing off, love you all 😀
p.s- belated happy Jashn-e-Azaadi ❤ to this side of the border and that side too *lehrao those jhandas*


13 thoughts on “Anniversary special?

    • inshaAllah inshaAllah we will try our best but pata nahi kabbhi kabhi we dont feel like writing cz “its not good enough” . Par ab blog banaya hai toh inshaAllah we will write 🙂
      Thank You so much Nadia Baji, you are our guru in the blogosphere 😀

  1. Oh Happy Blog anniversary to you both ! And you write so well, kisi se kam nae hain ap log ! Jashn-e-azadi Mubarik to you as well. About the less post thing, bhae koi baat nae sab k sath hota hai aisa. Just keep writing no matter what, no matter after how long but just keep writing. Your blog is one of the best ones I like. Love you 🙂

    • Thank You Lala ❤ Hope everything is well at your end 🙂
      inshaAllah we will try our best to write more often, we have few ideas. inshaAllah we will write 🙂 Keep liking our blog and thank you for the support and love 😀
      Love ❤

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