Eid Mubarak!


I know eid ke teen din hogaye but please accept our apologies and Eid ki Mubarakbaad!
So, EID MUBARAK!! Hope you all had a great fun filled, sheerkhorma filled and Eidi-filled EID 😀


6 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak!

  1. Thank you and Eid mubarak too. It was awesome, Alhamdolillah. So tell me do you guys also make Sheer on Eid??? I was wondering what are the common food items on the other side of the divide?

    • Yup SheerKhorma on Ramadan ki Eid. 😀 and we have KHURbani(Khubani) ka mittha or double ka mittha on bakreed (as we call it) or bakra eid (as you guys call it). What do you guys make on that Eid?
      Ohh you’ll be surprised we have too many common food items but with our own additions and subractions of the masalas 🙂

      • Recently Biryani has made it to our tables, big time. No dinner or function is complete without it. And we love Chicken in any form!!! But I would prefer mutton any day in any form! And Beef Chappli kebabs from the Frontier, well franklt there isn’t a substitute for that meal! 🙂

      • Haha! Same here, biryani has been our staple food since ages, there’s no compromising on that.
        I agree with you mutton over chicken, most of the time, unless its chicken 65 😛
        Mutton biryani is much more tastier than chicken biryani.
        Aah Chappli kababs, I LOVE them. Yup nothing substitute that meal, nothing. 😀

        If you would like, you can read about our (Hyderabadi) love affair with food in our very first blog post “Loving Hyderabad”. 🙂

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