A simple question for all of you out there- How do you declutter your mind? Or maybe organize the thoughts that you have?

On a brighter note, Ramad(z)an Mubarak! Hope your fasts are going very smoothly and the shining sun isnt raining on your parade. inshaAllah 🙂
May Allah accept our fasts, ibadah ,give us the hidayah n stamina to grab the best oppurtunities of this month to earn rewards as much as we can and may He make us amongst the steadfast. And bless us with the companionship of the Prophet(Pbuh) and his companions.
May Allah reunite us with our loved ones in the highest abodes of the heavens.
I wish and pray for our parents to be blessed with long emaan-filled, pareshaan-free, brimmed with happiness life and Jannat ul firdous in the next. Aameen.
May Allah help the opressed.
And I pray that Allah fulfills each and everyone of yours dil-ee muraad. I do not know what it is but He does cz He is Al-Aleem (The All-knower) and He shall make it come true for you cz He is Al-Mujeeeb ( The responder to prayers).

What is your iftari ( or Ramadan) ki special dish? Hamari toh bhaiii its fruit chaat n Haleem. Yummm!!
Lets stop issey pehle ke aapko roza lagna shuru hojaye.


Photo credits :Shahzaib Hussain ART! Check out his fb page ( if you havent already) his work’s awesome! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Declutter?

  1. I’m close to nineteen and haven’t yet found a declutter mechanism. I hope there never is any, because the day I find peace will be the last interesting day of my life. 😉

    Ramazan Mubarak to you too 😀 Ameen toh all your duas. Haha You can’t have Haleem for every iftari, liar. 😛

    • Yeah thats right but wouldn’t it be nice if your brain could shut up for atleast few mins -_-
      Haha lol, dont challenge a Hyderabadi for haleem 😛 actually I can have haleem daily but if its homemade ab ammi ji isnt gonna make haleem roz toh sad 😦
      But I think I asked for iftar or ramadan favs and Haleem is my ramadan fav 😛
      What is yours btw, Miss VDB sahibah! 😛

  2. I have no idea if by any means, any way of decluttering a mind exists…. I would have given anything to get it by now 🙂
    Happy Ramadan Mubarik to you ! Hope your fasts are going well.

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