Lost treasure

I was going through my old stuff  from school ,or “Kachra” as everyone else calls it. And I found one of my favourite items of my “Treasure box”,  which helped me in transforming moments into memories and those memories shall be preserved for the rest of my life, Insha’Allah.  And so this item too shall  be treasured for the rest of my life as well.
I was afraid I had lost it, so when I saw it lying in the corner of my box, I was filled with joy and relief.

My first camera ever, Sony Cybershot S600. I remember the days I spent dreaming about digicam, I remember discussing with my brother and telling him how badly I wanted it. I remember pestering dad to get me one. And I remember the day when I finally got it. It was in  the last week of  June 2006 (Yup eight years ago), those days digital cameras were the “trend”.

old cam

Back then I didn’t even know much about the cameras (Not that I really know much now), all I NEEDED was a camera to capture the memories. That doesnt mean it wasnt good, it had pretty good features, was easy to handle and it did take pretty clear pictures. Clarity was one of the things that I loved about it.

One of the two cons of this camera was, it was quite heavy and the other con being, it had rechargeable AA batteries. Firstly, it was hard to find them  and secondly, charger wasn’t available anywhere, when I’d bought the camera. So for the first few months I relied on non-rechargeable batteries and recharged the original batteries that came with the camera by giving them some rest.But I loved it.

I used it for nearly three  years. It was even confiscated in school once. 😛 It was hard to sneak  in that camera, hence found itself in Principal’s room for a week, I guess 😛

I had to replace it, when it started losing its sight and was crippled ( the lens would get stuck every now and then) . I was going to throw it away lekin dil nahi badha aagey, after all it was my first camera ever. How can I throw it away?! I am glad I didn’t, in the future I’m sure its gonna make it to the “antique” list. 😉

Then came my second camera, Sony Cybershot T700, bought  on 11th May 2009. I LOVED this one. It had such cool features. This one had a 3.5 LCD touch screen.  It also gave you the  choice of choosing different photographing scenes/modes. Loved experimenting with those scenes. And pictures were crystal clear. It  had a smile shutter as well,( was the latest feature, I guess ).

new cam
Its slim and sleek body made it easy to sneak it in my shoes ( Ihave done that soo many times) but I had to walk awkwardly in the school.

This camera’s in a good condition, just that I havent used it in ages. Thanks to smartphones.

Better than all of these fancy shancy cameras I prefer, Reel wale cameras. They are the best. They help you in preserving your memories lifelong, literally, unless and until kuch hojaye n photos jaljaye ya some photo-chor steals it form your collection (Ammi tells me about how they used to stealthily take out their favorite photos from their cousins album and vice versa). Haha! Good Old days. Those cameras didn’t have the delete option, thus captured memories as they were. No editing, preserving emotions in their purest forms.

Haaye! Really pre-technology days were good. Life was simple yet enthralling. Nahi? what do you think? Are you Pro or Anti-Technology?
Thats about it people. Hope you enjoyed reading my random bakwaas. Stay tuned for more bakwaas. 😀

P.S: My T700 is beemar thoda sa, does anyone have an idea, how to revive it back to life? Thank You 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lost treasure

  1. First of all, get your camera repaired….It is the best treasure you have as a memory, I guess.
    I loved reading about your’camera-story’ but sad to say, I don’t have any memory of having a camera. Back then, I loved photography but never got a chance to use a camera. My first camera was that reel wala camera and I never got a chance to experiment with it. Then after a long gap, smart phones came and my shouq became air lol
    Though I really admire those anciant photographs that can never be deleted with just a click…. My mom still shows me her childhood and college pictures and then our childhood photos… I usually used to think whether we would have these kind of memories to show to our children or they would be deleted by that time. I am not anti-technology but there are certain cons of technology too in addition to the pros.

    • Yeah inshaAllah I’ll repair it soon. Nothing major its just that pictures are blur and color’s ajeeb o ghareeb.
      You are one proud owner of nearly extinct item. 😀 Do u still have it?
      Haha I know right smartphones have killed so many shouq..not just photography but many other hobbies as well.
      Haha our memories are just virus ( or some stupid technical problem) away from vanishing. 😦
      Yeah same here but lately I have come across more cons than pros 😦
      Thank you so much GGN 🙂

  2. Ah nice. I love those T700 ki pics. The scenery, mera matlab. ^_^ I use a digicam but yeah, the good thing about “reel waly cameras” was ke they capture things in their purest. Like, no editing and stuff and saved forever. Lol hiding one in your shoes must’ve been a cool experience.
    I love taking photos. *-* For the same reason: preserving memories. Either one has to write it down or take a pic of it. Ya obv. live it so it remains etched in ur memories and stuff, but I am always snapping shots in my uni. There are some VERY cool flowers and trees over there.:P
    Will stay tuned for more…:D

    • Nice, which digicam do you have?
      Hai na? If we still had reel wale cameras today, world would have been a better place with not so many selfies and no photoshop which didnt transform everyone into “models” . Sigh! Most of us have become narcissists, thanks to…!
      Haha it was fun but painful 😛
      Nice that you like taking pics. I dont. Matlab I do like but I dont like when people go like “please click our picture” or anything like that. One reason why my cam is not in use as it used to be 😛
      but thank God I have a strong memory (not that i am boasting) that each and every thing stays etched in my head forever. Alhamdulilah for that 🙂 But yeah, I agree with you we need to either write it down or capture it someway to preserve the memories 🙂
      Shows us your uni k very cool flowers and trees someday?
      Thankyouuuu so much Maria 😀

    • Thank you 🙂
      First Picture dates back to 2008, was taken at NagarJuna Sagar, a dam located about 150 kms away from Hyderabad. 🙂
      And the second one is of Dammam Corniche taken in 2010. 🙂

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