Jeans are chichorey kapdey?

One of the most twisted conceptions that, a, whats-the-word, relatively progressive Indian, (please note progressive is not liberal in my context), has to deal with is that for women, and girls, is that “western clothes” make you awara, and besharam and and behaya and what not.

Isnt this self explanatory? i mean, just because its “Indian” and cultural, and traditional, it magically gets the seal of acceptable, but if its western, then its so foreign and unacceptable, and hence wrong.


Look at Indian fashion today. Look at it, where its mostly seen, and where trends are set : on television and in movies. What do you see? Low and lower necklines, backless blouses, see through fabrics, little or no sleeves, rising blouselines from the bottom, dresses that so fitted that they can put lycra to shame and churidars that could as well be stockings.
So its ok, if we take all the elements of their fashion and sell it as Indian? then its ok? But if you wear it, as it is, then you are besharam, behaya and baghayrat (jaisay zaroon kehta hai :P)


It will be ok, if you wear an Indian dress with tiny sleeves and chiffon and a fitted churidar, but if you wore a tunic top (for the not so fashion savvy : tunic tops are those jhabla tops journalist types are stereotyped wearing), with jeans, Allah tauba, Kahan se aarey yeh kapdey ghar mein aur kaisay logon ke saath rehrey tum? So  flared pants are chichorey, but skin fitting churidars are not? Sahi hai.

Open your eyes and look. Its such simple logic that i shouldnt even need to explain.  Look at where the saree is now. Its the equivalent of a provocative gown, with the net and chiffons and bikini blouses (refer to priyanka in desi girl ). Thats ok? Yes, its INDIAN.

Use your head to make a judgement. Sometimes, its easier to find a more modest outfit, in pants and a top, than it is to find a readymade indian wear suit. I can say this, because its happened to me. Half the kurtis are sleeveless, and i have a higher chance of finding a full sleeved shirt. I remember earlier, when i could wear a churidar to a relative’s place, but not jeans (and this was way before the skinny jeans trend had come in ) and my mom had said yeah, i know, but unko kaun samjhayinga? badey hai, rehne do.
Somebody needs to knock some sense into these people. Next time, this point is raised, im actually gonna argue for it, because its not even all that complicated, there is no ARGUMENT against it, so it shouldnt be all that hard to make them see how illogical they sound. But considering the amazing logic, we Indians, as a community have, i have a feeling it wont go down the easy peasy road.*sigh*

The reason why we would have beat the drums about” we should wear indian clothes” is that, it was supposed to be more conservative and modest and covered. But, since thats not the case anymore, since clothes have changed, we need to get rid of this nonsensical outlook, and approach things for the way they are, inclusive of what kind of culture they stand for and what they represent today, and  all the trends and influences that have shaped them into the final product that they are.


3 thoughts on “Jeans are chichorey kapdey?

  1. Haina. I swear the same problem prevails here in Pakistan. And the worst part is, if you try explaining all this to an elderly person, they’re gonna bombard you with ‘Ye toh besharam ho gayi hai, iska kuch nahi ho sakta’. Infact, in Pakistan the problem may not be that severe, given that if anyone wears even sleeveless, they’re labelled as ‘all those words you would have never heard of!’
    Elite societies are of course another story.
    P.S. Jaise Zaroon kehta hai? Konse wala Zaroon? 😀

    • I can relate to all that youre saying. I guess we’re not so different after all 🙂
      YOU DONT KNOW ZAROON??? ARE YOU IN PAKISTAN? Zindagi gulzar banaane waala zaroon, yaar! aur kaun!

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