i want to dream big dreams and dream of ways they can come true.

i want to laugh and smile and hug all the people i love, not because they care, but because i do

i want to hold on to the memories and make some more

i want to be happy and not worry about paying a price for it.

i want to believe in people like thyre all good.

i want to have fun and laugh and not worry about it being ruined.

i want to eat more and enjoy it.

i want to dress up and look gorgeous and feel perfect

i want to frget about where i should be and who i shouldnt be with and do what feels right and makes me happy.

i want to do more things and not the ones im expected to do.

i want to explore places and learn about people and things that were.

i want to travel and see how people love in diffrent ways and yet mean all the same.

i want to enjoy more and crib less.

i want to laugh easily.

i want to jump and be caught before i fall.

i want to spend time lost in a library and then cuddle upto someone whose waiting.

i want to live my own life and not have to share people in it.

i want to run into the meadows and feel like my life is a movie which ends happily.

i want time to hold on so i can catch up with it.

i want to drink happiness and toast it to the sparkle in a beloved’s eyes

i want to wake up each morning to be warmed by smiles and gratitude for me and enthusiasm fr the day.

i want to stay out late and drive alone and hear myself.

i want to bungee jump and feel the adrenaline of living life.

i want to learn not to worry about whats waiting and what im responsible for.

i want to watch the sunset and sunrise and remember things ive frgotten.

i want to sit with someone whose silence i can talk to.

i want to meet myself the way i thought people would.

i want to become someone who touches hearts and changes lives.

i want to be myself and be amazing.

i want to talk to people who listen with open minds and ears.

i want to understand more about faith.

i want to love unconditionally.

i want to be beautiful and be missed.

and i think i need another couple of lives to do all this.





5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. *Sigh*
    I love this post.
    And I so wish so too.
    Most of it is possible in this one life only bhi, you know?
    – Be what you want to see in them.
    Dreaming is important, achieving them is possible too. If not all of it, but most of it. By availing opportunities in their perfect time and knowing it, and also by being positive towards life.
    May your dreams come true in their nicest forms, Falak! 🙂

    • Thank you…
      yeah, but miss maqsood would proly say im a pessimist, while i believe im a realist. inshAllah kisi din 🙂
      Aameen, and may yours do too ❤

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