The slow, sad death of Bollywood music

“Bollywood, yeh tumhe kya hogaya hai? Apna yeh haal kyun bana liya?”

Why has bollywood and bollywood music in general become so sad?
not sad as in ghumgeen, but sad as in embarrassingly shockingly depressingly pathetic? My crazy, awesome co writer has already touched this point in her last post, while i was thinking and procrastinating, but i will still do what (i think) i do best: Elaborate ๐Ÿ˜€

I think it started with item songs. It was ok when it was kaanta laga and that nonsense back around 2002. They were in albums that you bought only if u liked remixed stuff like that. But now? Its stuffed down ur throat in almost every other movie. “Family Movies” are a rare concept anymore. With the liberalisation of the censor board, anything and everything is slowly creeping into our movies. But i feel for some reason, that its not casual when its indian movies, its more sexual and dirty. Its ok when u watch it in english movies, because its expected and more casual. Can you call me hypocritical for that? Maybe. Maybe not.
Anyway back to music. So these item numbers gradually became more common in our movies. they became more sexually explicit, more shameless and more meaningless. I understand its entertainment, but does it HAVE to be mindless? Munni badnaam hui, hoth raseeley, sheila ki jawani, chikni chameli, halkat jawani, JALEBI BAI? I mean, hadd hai yaar, bai ko toh chod do !!!!
Besides sexual innendos and sexualise- ing women, to a country where the average crowd has more than enough vulgarity, rapists, cheapsters and sexually frustrated men, there is no other thing these songs have accomplished. For the performing stars, lots of money, and for the movie, an attraction that brings in more lewd viewers. Thats all they are there for, just stuffed into a movie to beckon cheepdey. Lekin hamare desh mein waisay hi bahot kameeney aur rapist hain, toh ab jo bechaarey kisi bhi tarah utne kameeney nahi huey hain ke har ladki mein chikni chameli dhoodengey, TOH UNKI SHARAFAT KO KYUN LALKAAARNA HAI???


So these songs vulgarised and cheapened our music and our movies with their videos and lyrics. But theres still those songs that arent even dirty but theyre pretty mindless.

“ABCD padhali bohot
Thandi aahein bhar li bohot
Acchi baatein karli bohot
Ab karungi tere saath

Gandi baat…”

“O ri chhori chhichhori
O chhede hume chingam chabake
Main bhi chhora chichora
Chipak jaaun chumbak lagake”


Yeeeahh. I thot music was for expressing some kind of emotion. And connecting people. Im not sure i can connect to ‘dhat teri ki, main ghar nai jaana’. If i did connect to it, ammi would show me whatsย  actually ‘going down tonight’.

There was also ishq waala love, people loved troll-ing that one, i thot it was ok, cuz im a sucker for cheesy stuff. It was kinda stupid, but not chichora stupid or mindless stupid. Somewhere, it touched on the hint of a meaning. So, im sparing it.

And then i see my hero, honey singh, on some channel saying “main iss desh ke youth ki awaaz hoon. i am the voice of the nation”. No, the hell you are not, you stupid-london-polished-but-still-cheap-punjabi-trying-to-be-something-like-a-rapper. I know i shouldnt use honey singh and rapper together, but hes just that: a WANNABE rapper. Rap has meaning, it has sense. What do you have? Chicks falling over you, you pulling over some chick, lots of swanky cars, lots of alcohol and nangapan and wonderful lessons like:

“Suna tere college mein mere gane ban hai,
Padne likhne ka tera na koi plan hai,
Pass kradu, Phone Ghumadu,
Teri Principal bhi baby YO YO ki fan hai,”

Yay to encouraging the youth to study.

“I swear! Chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu,
Glossy lips, uff yeah tricks,
Baby lagdi e killer,
Oh yeah oh yeah
Katal kare tera bomb figure.”

For what to look for in a partner and compliments to give a girl.

“Chal ri chal re ab side me hoja
Dhundle apna aashik duja
Aira gaira nathu khaira
Fukra sa shehri chuusa
Ja karle tu usse shaadi,
Fir shuru teri barbaadi
Dhoyegi tu kachche,
Aur gande bartann
Dekhegi saas bahu aur durdarshan
Banke reh jayegi tu house biwi
Aur chaubis ghante tera yaar hoga on TV
Phir TV dekh ke tu bahot pachtayegi
Fir yo yo honey yo yo honey singh hi tu gaayegi
Aur bachcho ko sunayegi aur yehi batlayegi
Agar galti se mujhse na hota ye paap
Toh yehi hote bachcho tumhare baap ha.

Upar upar upar upar upar upar in the air
Aa jehdi nachdi ae use bi peeni hai

Ab uski best friend ko fasaaunga
Long drive pe usko le jaaunga
Usko jalaun use bada tadpau
Apni ex ko aaj main sabak sikhaaun
Is baat Is baat Is baat pe uthao haath”

Lessons in maturity and dealing with relationships.

Miss Maqsood: ย Nahiiii yeh sunaneyy se pehle yeh mar kyun nahi gayaaaaaa!!

Yes, Honey singh, you are exactly what the youth needs. the voice of the youth.Teaching boys its ok to sing cheap songs about girls and grind with chicks and class-less ways to hit on a girl and drive a swanky car because thats what life is all about. NOT.


Yeah, i really hate his lyrics. The songs he’s made for movies are ok though, and i wont judge him for those because those are not his independent creations, they are moulded by the movie and the director and all those film crew. His beats, i will accept, are upbeat and catchy, but thats about it. no meaning, no sur, nada.The reason im hating on him so much is because he is probably the face of music for half of the teens in this country, pumping it out of their cars and blasting it on their ipods.
Nahi yaaaaaaaar, NAHI.

*Background score by Miss Maqsood: dekh tere sansar ki haalat kya hogai bhagwaan kitna badalgaya insaan*

And then, stealing all our words? ab over hora dekho. Pehle subhanAllah in fanaa, then Allah hafiz, then inshAllah and then mashAllah? how about astaghfirullah??? why arent people protesting and crying about this? when theres an uproar for every dumb thing in this country, toh iske liye naarey bazzi kyun nai hori? ab nikaalo na morchey. Or maybe they think slowly we will take over the country if people start singing inshAllah and then a little candle of imaan will spark in their heart? u think its dawah??
it crossed the line when Rahman sahab made that song, with ‘kun fa ya kun’. That was just TOO MUCH.

Just bring kal ho na ho back. Bas, ab mujhse aur bardaasht nai hota.

P.S- Contrary to what it looks like, im not a music addict, i just like listening to quality music now and then. i had to actually research for this post.


17 thoughts on “The slow, sad death of Bollywood music

  1. That was such an amusing post ! I loved reading lyrics of all those bakwas songs along with your comments on them. You really know how to sound hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‰ I miss those beautiful songs from the past, The one’s pictured on Amitabh etc and I love those. Every word meaningful…..defining poetry in a new style. I don;t listen to the songs of today. Still waiting for a time when those beautiful lyrics come back.

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      Feels good to know that i can make someone laugh with my posts.
      yeah, now i know what mom always used to say about our music being so senseless and how ‘unke zamaane mein’ har cheez ka matlab tha. The classics are irreplaceable, chalte chalte from pakeezah- one of my personal favs!

  2. I think its time we take our words back ” Imran Khan kaiku gaata? Ghaleez hai bhai iney issey ghaleez
    Koi ho hi nai sakta”
    Imran khan and that dakku daddy(Ishq bector?) guy are much much better than this guy! Music My Yo-Yo!

  3. Your tongue in cheek post notwithstanding ( which by itself is entertaining!), the premise you have based it on is incorrect. If one were to review the average Bollywood song lyrics of today and compare that with those fifty years back, one would find that the joyfulness and the melody has possibly improved over the years. So what do you discern on the other side ( kinara?) of sadness?



    • Glad to know that u appreciate the humour ๐Ÿ™‚
      I disagree, i think that the average Bollywood song lyrics have gone down in terms of quality as compared to the past. If you take any movie from these days, you will notice there will be 1, or at most 2 songs that REALLY touch an emotional chord, and then 2-3 peppy disco no.s or item songs or fast remixed music kinda stuff. Even in the songs that arent item no.s, lyrics now, dont always co relate to feeling an emotion, its about what hes doing, what shes wearing or just silly things. The depth and sincerity of emotion is a rarer concept. And as far as melody is concerned, there are only 2-3 songs every month that you can really appreciate the melody in. Most of them have beats added in by technological music equipment, and editing and modulation and all those techy things that happen in studios that im not entirely sure about. If maybe, you meant that there are more happy songs than sad rona dhona ones, then maybe i could agree, but then again, how many of these songs take reality and feelings into consideration in the first place?
      Im not all against this generation of music, i guess its more manipulated to suit the crowd itself, which is not too good, because i wouldnt entirely want to associate with mindless words and remixed beats in the name of music…
      And then again, to each his own.
      thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I suppose it really is no longer about individual appreciation ( or not!) It is more about the relevance of the music to today with increasingly short attention spans. Would you agree?

  4. Miss Falak you nailed it… ๐Ÿ˜€ This was one hell of a rant, but filled with everything that makes sense… ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re ourselves responsible for derailing our culture, music isn’t an exception either. Sometimes I think, if we the sub-continent are the ones who originated Raags, who ventured into uncharted territories of classical music, popularized the forms like Ghazals with music. Our films were used to known for music alone as well as film’s strong feature. Because we were used to be recognized as people who’re both contemplative and expressive of their emotions. And now it just hurts to see that what’s left of us is “Chhichora pan” to display. Vulgarity in the name of modernity, time and fashion advancement.
    We’ve forgotten the value of shy gestures, unsaid words, intense gazes, deep lyrics, graceful demeanor, and very aptly put compliments and complains of the lover to the beloved. Each film now is produced to break the record of the previous, mass commercialization and factory churned product competitions have just leveled the base for everything. Right now only mantra to follow is “Produce only what achieves the remarkable sales”. The concept of niche/ special markets has utterly vanished. No body wastes time creating anything for one person or a group, ironically forgetting that “art” with its primary definition was never supposed to be something that has to work for all.

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      I couldnt agree more, especially about the raags and how we had developed so much of our own music and then suddenly we have, this disco deewaney, and you’re like “what happened?”
      So true, its all about commmercial success now…although i dont think in the 80’s and 90’s also there were too many art films, but they were still beautiful. Now, they are neither art nor beautiful. Its just masala maar dhaadh.
      Well said – “Weโ€™ve forgotten the value of shy gestures, unsaid words, intense gazes, deep lyrics, graceful demeanor, and very aptly put compliments and complains of the lover to the beloved. “

      • I was seeing a an 80’s film last night, and I realized that songs were so inducted part of the process, it was like they had them in part of the earliest thinking. Like when film was in its inception. An throughout till the production and distribution, half resources were spent on story, other half on film’s music album. Perhaps the thinking was that while story can be lengthy and stretchy, songs deliver the emotions and remind the audience of the story again and again when listened to as individual albums. That’s why we used to see, from the very lyrics to the music and presentation of song, lots of efforts were put into it.
        Perhaps, now thinking is changed, now perspective is story is everything, and just because of Bollywood tradition if we need to put songs in, then why not something that would attract audience to see films in theaters, just for the song. No one has time now to ponder on deep poetry. They forget, not delivering quality content they’re also degrading the audience into accepting and being comfortable to more junk. Alas, it’s a vicious cycle.

  5. Tune Maari Entriyaa DIl Me Baji Ghantiyaa :X Music aajkal aisa bhi hai aur acha bhi hai , nd Mumma is like aajkal k gaane Waahiyaath aur Chichore hogaye – Tere Photo Ko Seene Se Yaar Chipkaalungi Mai Fevicol se , Allah Bachaye Meri Jaan Raziya Ghoondo Me Phass Gayi these are all Bokwaaas songs according to me , but there exist good music directors who create sensible music and to which i like to listen on a repeat mode Mithoon according to me is a fantastic music composer , coming to the lyricist these days they’ve got no sense – Saree Ka Fall Sa , Beedi Peeke Nukkad Pe Wait Tera Kiya Re and some crap ,they to get inspired from Javed Akhtar nd Sayeed Quadri they are the best lyricists ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good Post , Apna Keemti Waqt Nikaalkar Itni Badi Raamkatha likhna ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you, im a blogger, so writing these big raam kathas is a pleasure for me:)
      Yeah there are a few music directors that still make good music, but that would be 1/2 out of 5…the majority are doing remixed masala songs…Javed sahab ki baat sab mein kahan? Its because of writers like him, i still have some hope in the music industry

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