DD : Daily Dhukdey- Of Procrastination and Laziness

Have you ever been in a situation where you make  a “to do list” with a deadline?
And you never actually finish it but keep adding more stuff to do and the deadline goes straight out of the window *swoooosh*
Its frustrating! And its more infuriating when you realise the list isn’t full of stuff that you have to go out of your way to do it, for example : Write a book (Please..I’ll never be able to do that) or write a blog post for that matter which makes some sense. *Pfft*

My list has trivial, mundane things, for instance call up a friend(s) have a long refreshing chat with them, clean the room, finish half-read books, try a recipe, you get the idea not any energy consuming work. But where does one find time? Time flies with the speed of light. you close your eyes for a second and its already the next day. No kidding.
I intend to write a blog post almost daily but then I realize there’s nothing interesting to blog about. Before blogging, pro-bloggers had told me when you start blogging you find everything interesting. I do find almost everything interesting enough to have conversations about it in my head and laugh at my own but not interesting enough to put it in words.

The other day I was thinking of writing about Koffee with Karan season 4, why it isn’t funny like how it used to be. Falak and I spoke about it and concluded that KJo is getting older and the guests have no sense of humor except the sexual innuendos. Theres more to humor than that people. grow out of it. People who’ve seen the previous seasons can understand why I was really excited about the new season but I am disappointed.  Rapid Fires have become shorter and boring. And Kjo lost his sense of humor, even though I am not his fan you have to agree the guy has a good sense of humor atleast he had. I don’t really watch T.V shows and serials  (except for good Pakistani ones 😀 ) but KWK was ono of the few shows that I enjoyed so yes I am disappointed with the latest season. Lets see if it gets funny with  the next episodes.

With KJo I remember,What’s wrong with bollywood these days? I think they are at lost with good scripts and good lyrics. They repeat teh same stories, the same cliches increasing the dose of mirch masala with every film. I don’t watch movies but I get to read about them in my newsfeed on facebook. Super action is bearable till Rajnikanth does it I guess and super cliche and cheesy is ok till SRK does it ( NOT HIS FAN AT ALL).

What’s with the songs? Courtesy of my lil cousins I got to hear few  new songs lately, Saree ka fall sa it seems, gandi baat, what has the world come to? Are there no good poets and lyricists with good hold on the language and where are the  singers?! Stop signing Mika singh for every song. You can hardly understand what he sings and after trying hard when you are able to comprehend what he sings you think it was better to listen to it without putting any effort. And lets not get into the picturisation of the songs. I fear for the parents with lil kids how are they protecting their kids from this vile stuff.

When we were kids music channels were banned for us even though there was hardly any dirty content at that time. In our teens Channel V  was almost banned for us coz “behuda gaaney aate rehte” , they played an item song every few hours. And to our luck that hour had to come whenever our Ammi jees sat beside us. Anyone else gone through that? We couldn’t even argue that besides that “behuda” song every few hours, it had good game shows with clean content and they had simpu singh as well.
Now even if the parents screen what their children watch on TV they have youtube and mobile phones and tablets to watch on.

I see my post has drifted from topic to topic because….just because. Coming to cricket Thank God the first test between India and SA ended in a draw.
Any updates on the elections btw? I have no idea whats going on, I don’t even have time to read newspaper, see how I said time flies that I dont find  time to read newspaper. I don’t even understand where my time is spent coz none of  the tasks on my list are completed.  Procrastination of the pro, I guess. -_- Plus, its wintersss, who wants to get out of the bed and do work? Kaunsa aisa insaan haiii?! Every winter I wish to be a polar bear to hibernate.

OH OH OH OH,  I thank Miss Maria here, proud owner of Randomly Abstract for nominating me for awards. I’ll get into  the details later but Thank you for your nawazish Miss Maria, highly appreciate the not-so deserving awards. Will try to be a regular blogger and will ask Falak to do the same, even if it means to make her write on gunpoint. I shall do it. Insha’Allah 🙂

Thats about it till then stay safe, enjoy the winters and hibernate.


17 thoughts on “DD : Daily Dhukdey- Of Procrastination and Laziness

  1. That was….LONG 😀 But interesting ! After all you wrote something after days, we have to cherish it 😉 Loved reading it and agree to some of your facts. I don’t wach coffee with Karan so I know nothing about it. About the behuda songs I agree 100%. My younger brother keep sisging them all day long without knowing their meanings and me and my mom keep shouting at him .he stops for a while and start again. I hate it. We can’t see anything dirty at our home because TV is present at the centre of home where everybody sits and do things so there is no privacy watching it. Plus my dad don’t like noise so most of the time we have to watch it muted 😛
    And tell me if you don’t have time to blog and to stay updated about the news and stuff, what tough schedule do you follow Miss ? 😛

    • Yeah i know I do alot of bakwaas so it tends to get longer 😛
      I have no idea Lala where my time goes cz I dont finish actually start anything for that matter. I have to learn time management.
      Thank You dropping by and cherishing it 😛

  2. HI Miss Maqsood 🙂
    ‘Daily Dhukdey’ aee so my thing XD Congrats on your awards, kitni koyi awesome bandi hy 😉
    You’re right about that television thingy. And songs thingy. Pakistani dramay to hoty hi aala haen. ^_^
    though seriously speaking, NOTHING is family-type you know. Except cartoons or that dinosaur movie aj arahi thi. Nothing really, not even the stupid ads.
    NICE post. Aj kal in sports, Pak won something. Politics me India-pak ka kuch chal ra tha, aur general world me pata nhi, I guess sab theek hae.
    Bbyee. 😀

    • Hello Miss Maria
      Shukriya again.
      Dinosaur movie as in Jurassic Park? LOL how can you not know its name 😛
      Sports I know that India won Kabaddi world cup against Pakistan 😉 Khair koi nai bade bade mulkoun mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain 😉
      Thank you for your comment.
      Bye. 🙂

      • NOT Jurassic, kay. I know that one, ye alag thi. *makes faces* Is me ek dino tha, uska ek baby tha, aur ek couple tha plus unke bachay the. Baby ke ammi/abbu whateva tk pohanchay ki story thi =p

        Pakistan won against Srilanka wesy. And kabaddi ap hi jeeten acha hy. ^_^

      OMG its like a filmfare moment for US. badi meherbaani aapki. hamein sharminda kar diya :$
      Sending love across the border (l)

  3. Boht buri baat hai – setting up a schedule or a deadline, missing it because you spent your time sleeping or watching V channel, and then complaining on this blog about not having enough time 😉

    • 😦
      Channel V is now completely banned at our place 😛 but about the former one, no comments on that 😉 lol
      About the complaining on blog, I learned it from our Khanum ke bhai kuch bhi hojao blog about it, hence I blogged about it 😛

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