Why i hate Bigg Boss (7)

The title should be self explanatory for what this post is going to be about.

If youre a hardcore lover, and ur reading this only to start making arguments in ur head till u complete the post and then throw them all at me, please, spare me the drama. Abhi, isi waqt yahan se chale jao. Im telling people why i hate it, not why i think you should also hate it and NOT why u should stop loving it.
And also, before somebody does the great deed of giving me amazing advice like “why do u watch it, if u hate it so much?”, let me tell you, i dont usually watch it. I dont have a tv at the moment, and my flatmate watches it usually, so sometimes i just sit with her. but then i start complaining abt why is he doing that? why is she saying that? whts wrong with them? and i start getting all critical, i usually walk away, before i ruin it for my friend 🙂

So, yeah i hate bigg boss. Whats with the spelling first of all? double g? like one g just doesnt show it? proly for copyrights because this isnt an indian idea or creation in the first place. Then, the house itself. Hideous interiors. Im studying to be an interior designer, inshAllah :), so looking at that house makes me go *bleeeghhhhh* its pretty bad. and i would have said that even if i wasnt studying what i am. i mean look at it. those nasty colors in the bedroom, that painted scenery near the pool, all those weird printed/ painted wallpapers with text and pictures of some cityscape around the hall. Oooh, and the literal translation of heaven vs. hell, in their respective areas. Who did this place?you dont have to be a designer to realise its shabby looking. look at the bedroom, its like barbie princess meets wooden cottage meets modern ceiling design.




All that is just the little stuff. Where my real issue lies, is the drama and politics that goes on in the house. Some people say the show is rigged, as in predecided and paid. Like match fixing. So back to the show, what is with the amount of drama, politics, bitching,backbiting, fighting, name calling and all this chameleon – ness? ( Chameleon, is if im not mistaken, girgut in hindi and girgut ke jaisa rang badalna ek kahaawat hai)
its fascinating to watch these people go crazy and make idiots of themselves and their changing temperaments. but that fascination lasts a short while. then it gets annoying. why would u want to watch people fight and display all kinds of negative emotions, from plotting and scheming to hating and bitching? is that what makes you happy and entertained?Do u get a kick out of watching people fight and be selfish and behave with ulterior motives?  Do u like watching other people go thru this drama and then relate it to ur life and justify it? Do you feel “normal” when u think that even celebrities have issues and cant live happily ever after, so that makes it ok for u to do some of these things on some level? Do you learn tactics and manipulation so u can go around doing it in your life? is this what you define entertainment as?
there is nothing to learn, and nothing good that you will walk away with after this show, for sure. no lessons in morality, no sense of respect. nothing.
is our taste and intelligence, as a country, so pathetic ?unfortunately, yes. that was evident when the good shows like sarabhai and khichdi and baa, bahoo aur baby ended within a season or 2. and this nonsense, keeps coming back year after year, bigger each time.

i think families, esp with young kids (5-15 years) shouldnt watch this show. at least not as “family time”. Oh God, no.

First of all, when you watch it as a family, you send off a signal to ur kids that, “This is ok. You can watch it, maybe you can even do it, and something like this behaviour isnt wrong”. And if u think im going in too deep, then hold on. Would you sit and watch murder 2 with ur family? Exactly, my point. Thank you. Sure, we all watch movies. That is drama. That, we, the kids and the parents, both know, is scripted. and that noone is really behaving like that. But when it comes to this, we watch real people really behave like that. What kind of ideas are u putting in their head? that when u grow up, its ok, bcuz u can and u myt proly end up behaving like this and this is the adult world? hell, NO. Kids learn the wrong kind of behaviour, such as name calling when u get in a fight. Unless, you watch this show and set it as an example as to what they SHOULDNT do, which im sure no parent is doing, its not a good idea.Eventually, they will see and experience and learn politics on their own, as they face it, which is how it should be. Not like this.

My dad would always tell my mom and me to shut off the tv when he would see us watching Indian soaps, when i was younger, about 14. He always thought it messed up your heads and corrupted ur minds. I never understood why he said that. As i grew up, i realised what he was talking about. Alhumdulillah from my family, i’ve got a no-nonsense attitude and running away from and not putting up or encouraging drama in life. Thats another thing, that im very filmy and like throwing around SRK dialogs and dramatic lines into conversations, lol. So the logic behind these soaps screwing ur head. true, the scale they show drama and K serial villains plotting is crazy, but somewhere, when u get too much of it, a tiny part stays back. For a lot of us, it stays with us, unconsciously.
Maybe when somebody lies to u, and it sounds like the lie in THAT situation in THAT show, u doubt them. Maybe when someone says something that sounds like THAT taunt in THAT show, u doubt their intentions. Maybe when ur in a situation, and u need a way out, u use the lie from THAT show which THAT lady says. Again, some of u might say that im going in way too deep, but its true. These things happen on a very unconscious level for the majority of us to realise. but it DOES happen. Its the same thing with BB7. The way u fight, the way u try to “watch out for urself”, the way you try to get even with someone else, the way u switch sides and backbite. U’ll pick up a teeeennyy weeeny bit of it somewhere along the way. watch out.
so spare urself all this headache and nonsense, and just watch comedy nights with kapil 😀
that guy is a riot, and its mostly clean humor, which is so hard to find these days, and i truly respect him for that.
take care, and keep ur heads clean from drama and politics.
aur tab aap samjhengey, “zindagi gulzar hai….jaisay zarun kehta hai”
haha, couldnt resist myself ❤




9 thoughts on “Why i hate Bigg Boss (7)

  1. Falki, I’m glad I’m not alone – so much depth – amazing !
    I totally agree these things affect us subconsciously and should not be encouraged. A majority of my friends and family watch it too and everytime
    I voice concern over this show they tell me to take a chill pill. Haha.
    I miss khichdi too, but clearly we are in the minority. 😦
    Btw – for some clean humor, check out azizi

    • No, we’re not alone, thankfully. Theres still some sanity left in this crazy world, and its good to know that im not “over-thinking” it.
      Oh i didnt know azizi was a show, i just found it on youtube. theres also a cute comic on fb, i thot u meant that. Check out bulbuley, menzi loves it.

  2. Lol loved this post, Falak! End me Zaroon agaya? (Pakistan khappay! – i don’t know what that means exactly, but my president used to say it 😀 )
    I love the humor in your post, especially the “interior designing to dekho” part, and the spelling!
    Hmm, shows sach me have impact on sab, like the violent behavior larrai jhagron me but it’s just ke family time ke lye somethings are just NOT suitable.

    • Thank you 😀
      Lol, i dont know what it means either but it sounds cute, pakistan khappay. Zaroon ko toh aana tha, to end it on a happy note 😛
      yeah, we cant stop these shows, but we can at least stop or control who watches what in our homes to begin with, hopefully 🙂

  3. Oh I hate big boss too so much like really much . LOVED the humor…..your sense of humor is quite amazing larki 😉 You know people hate this show but they still watch it….and i guess they take influence too which is a bad thing, Haye Zaroon kyun yaad kerva dia bhae 😛 😛

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