Is it chor or…..?

I know its so unusual of me posting twice in a day. Today’s daily prompt prompted me to write this one.
I was thinking of writing this one for past few months but didn’t get time or I forgot or I just ridiculed the topic or I was being my usual lazy self. Itcould be any of these or all of these.
Anyhow, now I shall start writing and you shall start reading it. Chalo lets start.
What am I scared of? Umm Darkness, more than darkness its Jinns that frighten me( us).
For those who don’t know who Jinns are, they are the different makhlooq (creation) that God created from fire. He created Humans from clay and Jinns from fire (Reference Quran-Surah Rahman)

(And please if you don’t believe in such stuff..kindly refrain from arguing on it with me here coz you will be ignored as I believe we(me and falak) are not knowledgeable enough to argue on religious matters we just state the facts that we know and believe)
Back to the topic, Jinns appear everywhere but are not visible to every human eye(there’s point of difference here).
There’s a boundary between Insaan-world and Jinn-world and whoever crosses that boundary has to pay for it on the day of judgement. Just like humans there are good and bad jinn. So the bad jinns, notorious kind ones love frightening the humans out. Its their play time thingy which they have to pay for in the hereafter.
So we have heard numerous tales of jinns frightening people to make us dead scared of them. Its always interesting to hear those stories late at night, mostly after 12. When no one’s sleepy, you hear a ajeeb-o-ghareeb voice, exchange looks and then one thought that crosses your mind is ” Is it chor or Jinn” LOL. Thats how Jinn tales start and one after the other hours pass by and stories don’t end till Fajr. And the worst(too frightening) kind of stories are narrated by people who are descriptive by nature. They will describe you the story as if they have seen it happening or God forbid they went through it. Matlab they even describe the hooliyah of that “unknown species”. *rolls eyes*.
But the real problem starts jab mehfil barkhaas hoti and you are left alone in the darkness or home alone or studying at night and all you remember are the Jinns and their descriptions and how they appeared and from where did they appear. Now you don’t stop reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi and open your eyes or even take your head out of the blankets.

Today I am in reminiscent mood, hence I recall another crazy memory from good old days.
We were in 7th Grade, when this friend of mine here, researched about “Ouija Board”. We were a group of four friends baakhi ka high school log miltey gaye aur karwaan banta gaya 😉

Toh we all knew about that board which is used to call the dead spirits back. Thanks to “Shhh…Koi hai, Aahat,” and their likes. But we never gave it a much thought until one day, Falak comes n says guys I read about this freaky board on net that calls dead spirits back we replied haan wo tv mein dikhatey wo na. Haaan haan Ouija board,she replies. Then she continues with ” true stories” of people who tried that. We ridiculed her idea but she convinced us to join her in calling them. We were buch of hyperexcited kids wo loved adventure and thrill thus we agreed.

So on one certain weekend, wednesday, we decide to go to our friends place directly from school( which was the best thing in the world*sigh*) and execute our plan.

After lunch that day at 3:30 P.M, when aunty had gone to take nap in her room, we shut ourselves in friends bedroom, take everything thats needed i.e. Plain white sheet( to doodle on), a board, coin and candles, mind you scented candles we wanted to welcome our guests warmly 😉 lol no majboori thi koi aur nai they and those candles my friends were aunty’s priced possession :P.

Toh we set the mahool and its pitch black in the room except for the candle lights. No I dont remember who chanted the “mantra” but yeah we held our hands n i guess all four of us chanted it together though I dont remember what it was. Will update it after asking falak, provided she remembers.

Toh we are chanting the mantra, we are seated on the bed and to its adjacent wall is the computer desk and the revolving chair and to the wall opposite to it is the dresser such that revolving chair is seen in the mirror from the bed.
So ten minutes went by without any result, more 5 minutes pass by. One of us shouts her lungs out and the rest of us scream coz she did. And then we scream+laugh as she tells that the chairs revolving. At this point theres no mantra theres nothing,our eyes are fixed upon the chair then falak reminds that we have to continue with the chant so we start again and end up shouting again. Thats repeated once more before we get serious, pitch black room, eyes closed, tightly gripped hands, chanting the mantra and thenn we hear a knock.

OMG! Whos there…we laugh,fight and push each other to switch on the lights none of us get up, there another knock again! Finally one of us gets up couragely to switch on the lights and open the door.
And who is there??

So we calm down and laugh again till we hear her say ” kya karre tumlog? Kya hai cheek pukara…dopahar ka time sab gharou mein sotey rehtey aisa cheekhe toh kaisa. Hadd rehti har cheez ki” that made us stop n we dont look at her sharmindagi se coz that was the first time we had seen her angry, she was the coolest mum amongst our mums.
No we didn’t disturb her sleep, thats not the reason why she was angry. She was angry coz some uncle from the adjacent building had come to enquire if everythings alright cz he heard feminine shouts toh he ran and came to rescue. Once he got to know that everythings alright its just hyperexcited kids having fun in their room, he starts his ” din k time log araam karte rehte” speech for 5 mins and aunty had to apologise for our behaviour!

Thats one of the best memories from school. Crazy days. That day we failed to call the “dead spirits” lol but never tried again. Wait actually this incident was the second try of ours, first time nothing crazy happened.

So, yes the Jinns scare the crap out of us. Nothing scares us much as the barking dogs at night. As soon as they start barking we start Ayat ul Kursi or lahawla wala quwwatay illa billahil adeem and dont stop till they stop. Cz they see things that we cant see. And what are those things?? Jinn-kind.

I remember, once it was past 2 am and I was studying in my room,everyone’s asleep. I usually close my room windows as soon as maghrib azaan starts cz huge neem trees are planted opposite to my windows and I have heard enough jinn stories related to neem k jhaad to keep them open. Anyhow but that day I forgot to shut my one window and I don’t notice until the dogs start barking and where do they bark right below my balcony! Thats when I stop studying close my books and stare at window cz I thought if I looked away someone would just hop in. So iam reciting quranic verses and staring there. I am too scared to move out of the room and go to mom’s. After ten minutes I played a surah in my mobile and i am reciting saath saath.
You wont believe that night ghaleez kuttey barked till fajr and I slept after sunrise.
I know… I am too of a coward but I don’t care as I said Jinn scare the crap out of me.
Khair thats my second post within 24 hours * Whooopiee* . Now you guys may laugh at my expense. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Take care 🙂



6 thoughts on “Is it chor or…..?

  1. Enjoyed the write-up… 🙂 Sadly… Maine kabhi Bhoot (jinn) nahin bulaaye… 😀 Kabhi mauka mila to tryy karunga… Dil ki bahut sari batein share karunga uske saath… 😉

    Just a small note… The title of the post does not apprear… seemingly…

  2. “As soon as they start barking we start Ayat ul Kursi or lahawla wala quwwatay illa billahil adeem and dont stop till they stop.”
    Haha LOL perfect! Loved reading the jinn stories and zahir hy, the mention of all those Qurani ayats jo hm start krdety usi waqt, mae bhi isi trah hun ke window uth ke band nhi krungi, wont move an inch bhi, bs darty rhungi, what if someone hops in? Aur bed ke nechay koyi tou kiya hoga? Tobah, lagta hy us waqt to koi nechey se hath nikal ke darra dega as in thanks to the weird stories jo log “descriptively” sunaty rehty 😛 But hm larrkiyan hena, islyee. Darpoks, and all weak inside. 😉 Lol mene kabhi jinn bulany ki koshish nhi ki na hi koi irada hae, maaf. “Is it chor or..jin?” this gave a good laugh! 😉

    • I knowww Allah ache rakhe un descriptve logoun ko. Sabse acha idea don’t take yourhead out of the blanket 😛
      Haha most of the time after I listen to the jinn stories it feels like someones following me constantly. Hahaha 😛
      Loll they can’t be summoned so easilyyy…and Oja Boards dont even work, those true stories that she read ofcourse were mann-ghadak kahaniyaan but we being naive kids believed in them. Lol atleast Oja board gave us a crazy memory to cherish on. 🙂
      Glad it made you laugh, thats what we want to do, make people laugh f we can. Thank youuu reading and commenting 🙂

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