Ammiiiiiiii Jiii Kyaa huaa????!!!

Parsun( Hyd ka parsun, malum na?) I found this pik on one of the hyderabadi pages on facebook and I was like woahh this is my beloved Ammi ji! Its one of those memes that almost every hyderabadi could  relate to. We must have gone through this atleast once in our lifetime, girls have less chances compared to the bwoys. 

So, baat itti dil ku lagi thi that I had to share it with my siblings and in a matter of seconds all three of us were rofl- ing! Cz all of us have witnessed the scene unfold in front of our eyes multiple times (thankfullly  I wasnt the main target anytime). 

Another Parsun day after dinner, one of us read the whole thing aloud for our parents, which had both of them in stitches. Our Ammi Ji was 99% convinced it was our creativity,  she had that tiny lil doubt cz cooler ka  act nai hua kabhi, its yet to be done. I was surprised I thought she knew it already that all Ammi Jis are same, they have exact same dialogues. After lots of convincing that we are nt the masterminds behind it she belived that they all are same! Matlab isn’t that obvious? I always believed that as soon as their first kid is born they are given this unseen ‘Manual : how to handle kids’ which only they can  see and use.  

No matter where you go, any corner of the world,even culture doesnt differentiate their motherly instincts! They all have the same dialogues with their own touch. 

As frustrated school kids we used to discuss our Ammi Jis dialogues, and after loads of ittefakhi same dialogues… We agreed they have that Manual! 
Im lil heart broken that they don’t have one, afterall its my bachpan ki theory …How else are they soooo similar?Kuch toh raaz hunga….* ACP pradhyuman style* I will solve the mystery one day!

I’ll enlist some Of the famous dialogues here:
1)  aag lagadetiou wo dalindar computeroun/ laptopoun/mobiloun ku fasad ki jadh hai din bhar usmeinch sar ghusa ke baithte. Yeh dialogue no matter what the prob is inlogoun ka yeh nuska rehta, even if its pet ka dard, sar ka dard koi bhi dard! 
2) Another nuska , exclusively for girls, for har dard : khana nai khaye toh yehich hota yaan dard waan dard, ab yeh haal hai toh humari umr ku aaye jab kya karte ki. Kuch bhi rehnedo yeh rehta, even if u tell ammi girgayi thi maar laga wo dard hora, they will reply ‘ hao nai khaye toh kya hota yaan waan girte rehte’ . I tell u murghi ki ek taang. U cant win.
3) dostaan jaare toh tum bhi jaate, unlogaan upar se kudey toh tumbhi kudte? Dostaan bolteich yeh dialogue ready hojata fire karne. 
4) unke bachoun ku dekhe kaisa rehte, samjhdaar, kamra kitta saaf rakhlete. , ek tumlogaan hai kachra ka kuda to bhi acha rehta issey! Ab every Ammi ji tells this to her kids; matlab koi bhi ache nai rehte Ammi ji khaali aap k samne rehte waisa!
5) sardi hai bahar jacket pehen k jao. Ammi nai hai sardi bahar, phir kya main pagal hoon meku nai malum sardi hai ya nahi! Jacket pehne tak they wont allow u to go out.
6)  Ammi namak hai khane mein, bp badhgaya hunga tumhara, ek toh inke waste garmi mein tadpo phir hazar nukhs nikalinge nawabaan. Sab acha hona ino ache nai hote. Nawabou k paas paida hona tha. 
7)  For bwoys-10 baje k baad ghar mein qadam nai rakhne detiou, taangaan tod detiou. Lol phir unlog ich khamoshi se darwaza khulte to save their lukht e jigar from dads :p
8) Ammi khane mein kya hai? Phalli. Amma main nai khaata phalli, gosht banaiye na. Yeh nai khaata wo nai khaata  hafte mein saat din bhi gosh hona nawab ku. Itti garmi mein sarh k banatiou kuch fikar nai amma ki khali farmaishaan poore hona inke. Aaj itte nakhre karre kal biwi aayi jab chup chap khalete!! LOL!
9) For daddys and their daughters.
Aur sar pe chada lijiye, aapke bewajah laadoun ki wajah se ek kaam nai hota
Maharani se. Kal ke din susral mein logaan bawa ku kuch  nai bolte amma kuich bolte kya seekha ke bheji bolke!
10) Sorry bolne ka bolna phir jo karna hai karna- no matter how many times you say sorry this is what you will get to hear, that doesnt mean you don’t say sorry nai toh wo alag kahani rehti. 😛

Ohhhh my fav Ammi jis comeback, One lazy day my bro wasnt getting up, so Ammi ji got mad and started yelling the motherly stuff , brother, hadbada ke he got up finally, din know what to say so first thing he asked momma was ‘ ammi current ( electricity) agaya kya?’ And within a sec he got his answer ‘ kaiku aap current se chalte kya’ 😛 hahahaha one of my favv memories 😉

Lol love the Ammi Jis,even though they all are same they are unique in their own way. May Allah preserve them always. Bless them with long pareshani-free life, with health n strong Iman! Make palaces for them in the highest level of Jannah! Aaameeen 🙂 

Ohh here’s the fasad ki jadh for this post 😛

Hope you all are doing great, Take care 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ammiiiiiiii Jiii Kyaa huaa????!!!

  1. Hahahahaha this is one awesome post ;D “I always believed that as soon as their first kid is born they are given this unseen 'Manual : how to handle kids' which only they can see and use. “> han shayad. point to be noted.
    And yesss, usko dekho kamra kitna saaf rakhta hae, and dost kunwen me gire ga (or gutter) to kia tm bhi chalaang mar do ge?? 😛
    And ofcourse this vely one ke paani pi rhi o bottle bhar ke bhi rakh do…!! And LOL at that bro memory: kyun ap current se chaltay kia? 😛 😀
    And ameeeeen! ay Allah bless them all pareshani-free, lovely long lifes. Ameen. Love my ammi ji 😉
    – Maria.

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