Peace:Indo-Pak :)

No, no this post isn’t going to be some long emotional rambling on how we should be together as nations, as neighbours. No, not because I don’t want it, but I am done explaining  it to people again and again about how we are similar and all.

I’m  sharing two of my many favorite ads on the Indo-Pak theme. Every time I’m bored, I surf Youtube (if I have nothing to read) and watch ads.
So here we go, and before watching, please if you are not  an Indo-Pak fan kindly refrain from posting hate comments. Thank you. Peace 🙂


5 thoughts on “Peace:Indo-Pak :)

  1. Well peace is always good. Fraternity, solidarity is what everyone wishes for.
    But I wonder if everyone in Pak and India really understand that?
    The differences between both from the very start seem to be present until today. It really hurts seeing posts on social media that spread more hatred. I used to try in whatever way I could, but nobody seems to accept. So maybe it has to go on because Hindus and Muslims in no way can be same.
    We however, can only wish.
    – Maria

  2. But those differences aren't there coz of personal reasons but because of “national” reasons. Everyone's made to believe Indo-Paks are rivals by our media and our oh so beloved caring politicians.
    But we (Hindus and Muslims) can live together harmoniously right? Even after partition many Muslim families were left behind and now they are living in peace with their Hindu, Christian, Sikh, country mates. Yes there are few in every community who think its their obligation to spread hatred but there's good one as well. Alhamdulilah. 🙂
    Yes I agree with you, for Indo-Pak all we can do is wish and pray. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment, appreciated. 🙂

  3. And you'll be surprised to know they are more Pak-friendly people in India than anti-pakistan. Those few think its their birth right to diss everyone on internet. Its useless arguing with them. But we have got good bunch as well 😉

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