Quick Mubarak

Assalamualikummm Ramadan Mubarakkk everyone!!!

May Allah help us making the most of this blessed month and accept our efforts. Forgive all of us and keep the doors of Jahanumm closed for all of us! May Allah give us the strength of keeping the little devil(s) inside us chained forever! Aaameeeen 🙂
Keep your suhoor n iftar light and dont hog on everything. Keep it simple silly 😉
We find Riyadh’s Ramadan to be best, no not bcz we are used to it. But cz there’s something magical in the air here during Ramadan, in Ammijis words ‘bahut noorani rehta’ :p
Well Hyderabadi Ramadan isnt bad as well, if u ignore the power cuts n garmi! But hey thats what Ramadan is about: being patient! Oh haleem battle is on! So all you people in Hyd dont tootpadofy haleem stalls pe, sabr yaaro, dimaagh garam nakko karlo line mein thairke! Sabr sabr! Waise bhi ghar ki achi rehti kuch bhi bol lo! Khair Ramadannn Mubarak to you n your families from both of us 🙂
See..we weren’t lying about degchey being lined up everywhere
How about making gosht ki haleem n nt haddiyoun ki 😐


2 thoughts on “Quick Mubarak

  1. That cartoon strip is too funny! We also have Hyderbadi restaurants here that serve very good haleem – in fact, we just had haleem for iftar yesterday.

    I can't say about Hyderabad because I've never had the chance to spend Ramadan there yet, but I really love being here in the UAE during this holy month.

    Here, all the food establishments are closed & you can't find any person eating or drinking in public, working hours are cut down to 5 hours/day, there is so many things on sale, the amazing Peace Conference and Quran recitation competition is being held, and then great imam (like Sheikh Mishary and Sheikh Ghamdi, among others) are coming over to lead Taraweeh prayers!

  2. Yeah thats the best thing about being in Middle East for Ramadan. 🙂 The atmosphere changes as soon as Ramadan starts. Sale hehehe 😛
    Wow thats amazing masha'Allah, Sheikh Mishary is one of my fav reciters 🙂

    Oh I just read in the news that even in Hyderabad, working hours have been reduced till 4 P.M and the government promised that they wont be any power cuts in the Masjids 🙂

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