The Journey of a Woman

This one is for Ammi
and for didi  🙂
and my best frnd 🙂
and all of my frnds, who are soon to be married ❤

before u begin, let me tell you, that although it may look like, this doesnt relate only to feelings of love and the means a lot more, and it relates to all that too- family, friends, relationships, careers… any of the choices of life.

you have to let go…of chances u longed and waited for
                                  of   people u’ve held onto
                                  of memories that meant something
you accept realities that are built on the foundation of your broken dreams
you forgive mistakes that still bring tears to your eyes
you learn to silence the quiet suffering of your soul
you learn to love things that you never would have
you take on the pain for one smile of gratitude
you smile and laugh for things that stab you inside
you forget childhood dreams and visions
of a world where u fitted in perfectly with perfect people.
you sacrifice unquestioningly in the name of faith
you promise and wait for tomorrows you half heartedly believe in
you abandon ideals that you had once fought for
you grow strength to stand in places where you fell
you push aside dreams and desires and passions
you leave behind a life of comfort and security
to venture into the unknown and unexpected

maybe because they come in someone elses way
            because there is something more important
            because someone needs to
                  and someone wants to
            because its the way its gotta happen..

each day, a place, a word, a person…
will bring to your mind a new dream that could have been ,
                                   a desire that could have flamed,
                                   a life that you just missed…
for a future which no one has seen…a future that has only been promised,
in spite of all this, you learn to go on..with a brave soul and warm smile…
and live for the lives that depend on you, even if they dont acknowledge…
knowing they need you is enough to make you survive the harshest days…

and when you realize all this..accept it and live for it,
that is when the most beautiful journey begins..
a beautiful transformation takes place…
it is when a woman is born.
although you may believe you are incapable of it, with time, you learn to see urself become strong and brave and patient and giving and loving in ways you never had imagined…

to become like the beautiful woman who raised you up…
to become (like) a mother..

and you accept this life, because this life is what grants you heaven.
the eternal heaven you shall deserve.

May Allah make us strong and brave and patient and giving and loving, and most importantly virtuous women…among the ones of Jannah 🙂

‘Paradise lies at the feet of your mother’ [Musnad Ahmad, Sunan An-Nasâ’i, Sunan Ibn Mâjah]


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