Numaishhh Fever!

Come December and Hyderabadis impatiently wait for January, no no not because its the start of a fresh and new year but because its NUMAISH SEASON!
Numaish was started  in Nizam pasha’s time aka Osman Ali Khan in 1938 I guess, this year is the 73rd year.
No matter how busy our(Hyderabadis in general) routine is, we find time to visit Numaish atleast 4-5 times. No exaggeration there! You can find people from all walks of life, from every part of Hyderabad, old city se Jubilee hills tak. And some people who dont live in Hyderabad, come here for Numaish. See people are that crazy for Numaish! Some people come for shopping,some for bekaar masti  aka haulepane ki masti and some coz they are bored at weekend and whats better than Numaish? Yes it beats PVR and Imax too in its season. Even Saas-bahu serials can’t stop the women from coming here. And people who are not Numaish fans (i.e, men) apart from dropping and picking up their womenfolk,avoid the Nampally route, and happily take the longest route possible, if it means they get spared from traffic jams.
As soon as you enter into the Nampally vicinity you hear the traffic police officer instructing people on crossing roads. “Bachoun ammi,khala-ammi,-nani-ammi, ke haathaan pakadlo gum gaye toh nai milte. Pockte maroun se bachke. Hanste muskurate jaiye aur hanste muskurate nikaliye”.
 Before getting in, people usually buy chidandi i.e, popcorn-you get 3 ajeeb yet tasty flavours i.e; masala,mitthe and tamatay wale popcorn,mirchiyaan, samosay waghaira waghaira from petty vendors outside the entrance to munch on them while roaming around.
Even though we get everything in the malls and shopping centres, there’s some charm about  roaming,selecting and bargaining in Numaish. Now who doesn’t love bargaining? And the best thing is you get whatever you want at your price or rarely “chalo meri na aapki” pe  baat khatam hoti. Intially when Numaish was started, the main aim was to display stuff that wasnt available here, but now thats not the case, yet some people prefer to postpone their shopping for Jan-Feb, coz you get sasta and acha stuff here. Every year you find the same stalls in the same place as the year before with new amazing collections. My most favourtie part of it is Kashmiri stalls. You get every Kashmiri thing, You name it and you’ll find the respective stall. Everything except for Kashmir ki wadiyaan ( I know PJ :P). 
Jewellery collection is to die for, no exaggeration there, we roam around those 10-15 Kashmiri stalls for about 2 hours, going gaga over the stuff. If I could, I would spend all my pocket money on them…but *sigh*.
Besides Kashmiri stalls, you find stalls from all parts of the country and to my delight Pakistani stalls as well. :D. You get everything here like everything, badi furniture jaisi cheez se choti “gas goli” jaisi cheez bhi :P. 
 Some of the shopkeepers are chikat like us and they don’t reduce the price(very rare) but most of ’em after 15-20 mins of bargaining agree.  Jabb utte meinch dena hai toh kaiku bekaar mein behes karna. And that’s another thing that if he agrees instantly at your demanded price, phir shak karte sahiich hai nai kaain(for non-hyd thats “kahin”) iney topi toh nai daal ra apne ku. :P. Anyhow, its Numaish’s rule kinda thingy, no matter what it is you dont believe in “fixed price” business. You need to lower the price by 25%-50%. Thats how you do it in Numaish nai toh loot lete.
While roaming  around you get to hear Rafi melodies, as  we enjoy ourselves with those old nice tunes, beech mein ghaleez “some dairy milk” starts. Thats the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard. No exaggeration. (I’m not exaggerating today :P). People who’ve been there, will understand my feelings. And the worst thing is after every 2 songs that crap is played.  :@
Now after you are done bargaining, you need to regain your stamina for some more bargaining. As far as food is concerned there’s no special stuff apart from buddhi ke baal aka candy floss aka sugar candy and Agra ka petha. You get your usual chaat,haleem,kababs and all. And again its fun sitting there yelling your order, impatiently waiting for it to arrive and then hogging on it like there’s no tomorrow. And some people even bargain there. No kidding 😛 Bargaining ku dil pe leliye toh yehich hota 😛
For the adventurous and thrilling dose of the day, Numaish gives you crazy rides for that. Like Giant wheel, an exhibition is incomplete without it. And this Giant wheel is actually funnn filleedd, not the usual boring upar neeche wala. It takes you to the top at achi khaasi speed and stops it there toh ab itti upar jhultewe rehte for 2 mins aur utti upar gaye baad wo 2 mins bhi jo darne wale rehte unku 20 mins dikhte :P. Then you’ve usual rides, the Columbus ride and others, I dont remember their names. And the esspeecial Numaish adventure is “Maut ka kaun”(Death well) where people perform ajeeb-o-ghareeb stunts. I haven’t witnessed those stunts,  coz I was just too lazy to walk up the stairs. Anyhow I tried to peek in from the Giant wheel, all I could see was bikes n cars going up n down. Not my type so no comments on that. More than the rides, its fun to wait in those long-never-ending queues and yelling your lungs out when you get in them. Dar bhi nahi hua toh chup maskharepane ku chillatey-Numaish charm 😛
If you hear “Yunhi koi milgaya tha saari rahi chalte chalte…..” toh samjh jaaiye its closing time, which is 11 P.M. If you hear that song and you haven’t even done any shopping or been to xyz stall, no worries. Numaish is 45 days fest.  And Numaish is sooo bigg with over 2500 stalls, you can’t cover all  of them in a single visit, that’s why people make multiple visits. Usually first trip will be “bus dekhna hai”, before leaving ammi jees go like “aaj kuch nai lena hai bus dekhna phir bhi mein ehtiyaataan paisay rakh letiou” or wo ehtiyataan jo rakhte wo emergency ke waisa kaam ajaata. Oh and its good if you carry cash with you coz credit cards ka option bahuut kam stalls par hain. That’s Numaish tip for people who haven’t been there yet.

So Hyderabadiyaan, kitte daure hue Numaish ke ab tak? 🙂 Aur jo abhi tak nai gaye, apne aapku Hyderabadi bolne se pehle zara sochlo.

Buddhhhi Ke baaaaaaal and masala popcorn 😀

Entrance to the fun world 🙂
Gianttt Wheeeeel!

View from the top of Giant Wheeel wohooo!

Maut Ka Kuaaaan !
P.S-Ignore the quality of photos coz we aren’t proud owners of SLR cameras. These pictures are taken by our mobile cameras 🙂

9 thoughts on “Numaishhh Fever!

  1. Numaish is a must visit family affair isn't it! Love the pics and ur post! :))
    I personally love the kashmiri stalls and of course, the umpteen hijab and best!! lol

  2. I LOVE YOUR POSTS. Btaya tha na?
    ‘Jabb utte meinch dena hai toh kaiku bekaar mein behes karna’ and that rides part. Laughed hard at all that. Bht aala likhti hyn ap. 😛
    I so wish I could visit it, but mae sirf Pakistan waly Hyderabad hi ja ski. 😉 Woo wala kafi door hy but anyway, ek din inshaAllah. 🙂
    I really liked the view from your giant wheel ke top se, and felt like I was there thanks to your amazing descriptions! 45 days festival sounds a LOT of fun, I wish .. God, I wish too much. =p

    • And I love your comments/replies 🙂
      Lol shukriya tareef ka 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. Seriously 🙂
      Get your indian visa and jaldi se ajao only 5 days are left 😉 Ek din inshaAllah 🙂
      Haha that picture i clicked with Falak’s phone and uski halat dekhne laiq thi “meraa phone dekh ke…giraa na dekh betey” 😛 🙂
      It IS indeed fun 😀

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