Perceptions, perfection and love.

Its crazy and its sad, how people have trashed the concept of one of the very things, that according to me, Is what the world thrives on: love.
Where do I begin and what do is say that has not been said before? Or has it been said loud enough and strong enough?
Before I get going, lets learn this from the purest of hearts:  those of little children. In all their innocence, they give to the world and teach to us, how things should be, colorful, simple and hopeful. Their short term memory span is what we need to learn of forgiveness, and their hope in all things and people is what we need to learn of trust…but most importantly, their ability to love, without it being moulded by any kind of complex, negative emotion, is what we need to remember and live, of love.
Love is trashed in today’s world. Heinous emotional crimesare committed in the name of love, that defame it and make it look dirty and complex. Jealousy, revenge and lust are used to mask the dirt of our hearts, by calling it love. And that even more common lil bug flying around called infatuation (you can read it as desperation)*rolls eyes*.
Its not doing one thing and then living its memory and ehsaan-jataaing ten million times over the next ten days (Yaad hai parso main *kuch bhi* kara tha? tum kya kare aaaj tak…) and blame games and manipulation tactics (I do so much for u, tum itta bhi nai karsakte?). Its not doing a little and screwing up but expecting a lot more and perfection in return. Its not being selfish and expecting selfless ness in return. (Aisa na kareinnnn please 😉 )
Love is not a thing of the moment, and its not here today and gone tomorrow. Its what survives time, and change and grows as you grow. Its, ideally, what is unconditional. But when you look around, you don’t see unconditional love. You see love that is conditional and temporary and selfish. This isn’t how it is, its just a figment of it.This isn’t how it shouldbe.
Our chicha Ghalib once said:
“Ishq par zor nahi chalta, hai yeh woh aatish Ghalib
K lagye na lage, bujhaye na bujhey” Lekin aajkal toh lagana, bujhana 2 min ka kaam hai. If he were alive today he would have committed suicide. Seriously!
*hopeless sigh*
Look at a mother to see love in all its glory. Do I need to start about what they’ve done when you were lil and all that to remind you of what love is?
But lets look at the same things to see what it is and how love should be. When she gives up time with her husband, when she gives up the centre of her world, her love, that is sacrifice.
 When she sleeps with one eye open and doesn’t move throughout the night so you can sleep properly, that is concern and care
 When she reschedules her entire day and routine and sleep and showers around your timings that is adjustment
 When she gives up her social life and work other engagements to watch over you, to watch you grow and to be there, that is commitment. 
 When she wakes up in the middle of the night and then takes care of you till you stop crying and fall asleep, that is understanding.
 When you ruin her pushtaini dress and break her treasured piece and smoosh her favorite lipstick on the walls, in hours she will have been playing with you again, that is forgiveness.
 When you come and tell her as a child that something hurts, although she realizes you have lied lately and don’t know exactly what pain is, she trusts you.
 And when the time comes, she will let you, her endless hours of hard work and love, walk away and stumble and fall, not because shes tired, hell no, but because its better for you to learn, she will do it, even if she hurts more than you do, because that is what letting go means.
And if youre heart is sensitive enough you’ll see fleeting glimpses of it…when a pet runs to its owner coming home, even after its been left alone the whole day… When your family will let go of your mistakes that have impacted everybody else’s lives… When your best friend will turn to you for help even after you’ve been gone for ages and “given them the handle” (Yes Falak, we know we are sooo nice, u needn’t mention it again n again *wink*)….
This is the essence of love.
And yet even this will not be perfect. Its human love. Perfection is something that should only be attributed to one noun: God.
Love can be perfect, possibly when it is for God, and surely, when it is from God. And a mothers love is only 1/72nd of God’s.
So the next time you think you love someone else, be it your brother, your pet or your best friend, or try to believe in someones love, see if it can in anyway be comparable to the right kind of love…. It proly wont.
 Because trust me, you don’t know, that love in itself is a world, it’s a heaven. Not this hell-ish crazy thing you live. So, as harsh as it may sound, stop calling it love (once again, Aisa na karein please 😛 ) or just learn to love better.

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